Efficient Prefab Buildings at Afripanels


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Afripanels manufactures prefab buildings of the best quality. Getting cost-effective prefabricated buildings in South Africa is now easy as there’s Afripanels, the leading manufacturer and supplier. If you were in search of quality and efficient prefab houses then your search brings you to the right place.

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We always make sure our products are manufactured to save on transportation along with accelerating construction by 6 times. You can rely on us in terms of superior prefab houses. Our prefabricated homes are not only efficient and durable but also aesthetic in look. Don’t worry you have one of the best manufacturers with you.

Share the details of the prefab houses you want, we will manufacture accordingly and will keep every single detail in mind while constructing so that you get the exact product that meets your needs well and good. We are known for the highest standard of tailored prefab houses at very reasonable rates.

We manufacture houses in our factory which is at Kempton Park, Gauteng, South Africa. We have a highly trained and skilled team to carry out the entire process from manufacturing to supplying. We have handled so many projects till now and have gained many experiences which help us to be better every time.


Prefab Buildings manufactured by Afripanels:The products we manufacture are absolutely perfect for schools, clinics, offices, accommodation units, and even for the low cost housing sector. The best part is we customize our modular houses.

The demand for prefab houses is growing for their advantages.

Take a look at the advantages offered by such houses –

  • Very customizable
  • Modern and looks aesthetic
  • The structures are environment-friendly
  • They are energy efficient
  • Reduces time of construction
  • Low maintenance required
  • They are safe
  • Less waste
  • Lasts long
  • Affordable

With all such benefits, prefab structures are the best to buy. We assure you one hundred percent satisfaction. Your expectations of receiving a perfect modular home will be fulfilled by us.


So, how do Afripanels pack the structures? The buildings manufactured are supplied in kit form and mainly in a flat packed form which then gets assembled on site. Be sure of receiving the highest standard of prefab homes from us. We are confident that you will like our structures completely.

Why Us?

  • We have experience in manufacturing and supplying prefab homes
  • We have experienced team
  • Guaranteed satisfaction
  • Cost-effective services
  • Tailor-made solutions offered
  • Completes project within the time mentioned
  • Durable structures offered

Choose no other than Afripanels for strong structures at affordable prices.

Moreover, we even offer full off grid solutions.

Contact us today and we will assess your requirement to create a custom solution and quotation for you.

For any queries, we are always there to help. We will happily serve you the custom-made prefab structures.

Afripanels – for quality prefab homes in South Africa.

The Best Steel Structures Those Are Perfect For Buildings


The prefabricated steel structures offer multifaceted benefits which can be had if they are done by reputed fabricators.

Romans had reasons and due to that, they prefabricated their forts and other buildings. Yes, you may be thinking the right way if you think that we are saying you to follow the Roman way. The advantage the Romans got using such prefabricated structures was that they could build fast and conquer easily. You are going to get much more benefits if you use the Steel Structures that we manufacture. Let us have a look at those.


Saving money: This is by far the biggest benefit that can be derived using these structures that we manufacture. Compared to the traditional method of building a house, the building having the help of these prefabricated structures proves to be affordable. You need to invest less and in a short span of time, will get a move-in ready prefab. The cost of building in this manner is quite low, which makes it an economical way to enjoy the comfort of living in a comfortable environment.

Quick and easy to install: Prefab Steel Structures are not just tastefully satisfying and vitally effective,  they can be introduced rapidly on the grounds that a large portion of their parts and segments are produced and collected in the manufacturing plant before setting off to the development site. Consider it a similar way you would an auto, where its segments are produced and assembled and tried in an auto manufacturing plant before it advances toward the parcel.

Moving these incomplete or finished parts and segments from the processing plant to the building site costs significantly less than constructing the same at the construction site. It not just takes into account the work to be raised quickly but also helps to lessen constructional waste.

They can be customized: These structures can be easily customized according to your requirements. We have a team of certified engineers, designers, welders, and boilermakers; who are experienced in manufacturing superb quality Steel Structures and any steel works going above and beyond your expectations.

They are made durable: Being steel they are durable and their durability is further enhanced by the use of a prime coat and final coat before construction. Focusing on quality and structural strength, we provide a wide array of products – from the smallest to the largest well-engineered steel structure designs.


Design flexibility achievable: With these structures, a modular design, perfect finishing, and unique decorations are even possible. Your compact house architecture becomes easy as the structures come in different shapes and sizes. These are very strong and can withstand any natural calamities, weather conditions, can protect from even unwanted vagaries;

If you wish to have such nature of Steel Structures then it would be wise to be in contact with Afripanel Modular Buildings. You can easily call us at 27 (0) 11 979 1885 and make us know your requirements. Being at https://www.afripanels.co.za/steel-structure-buildings/ you can know more about our affordable and innovative structures.

Few reasons to use steel structures


You have to make countless decisions when you are planning for an upcoming building project. A few factors that you need to consider are budget and time constraints, specifications of the building, and structural capabilities. However, the most crucial decision that you need to make is the ideal building material you need to use. For example, according to reputed fabricators in South Africa, it is wise to use steel structures


Let us see why they think such.


If you compare the cost of steel with other structural materials, you will notice that steel is cheaper than the others. So, by using steel, you can easily stay within your project budget.


Wood is another commonly used constructional material. However, the fire-resistant quality of steel keeps it ahead of wood. Therefore, when you use steel structures in your construction, you can be confident that fire cannot harm it.

Cost-effective and timely delivery

It is possible to have delivery of such structures made from steel in a cost-effective and timely manner by reputed fabricators in South Africa. They will fabricate the structures at their plants and deliver that to your site is ready to use format. Having such timely delivery, you can enhance the time effectiveness of the project.

Capable of tackling environmental calamities

Steel structures can tackle environmental calamities like earthquakes, rain, and cyclones much better than any other constructional material. Moreover, a well-fabricated steel structure can last 30 times more if looked after well.




Steel is an inflexible material. So, if you are on a construction project where heavy wind or earthquakes happen, it is wise to use a steel structure. The structure can withstand the gush of high-speed wind or tremor of quakes better than any other construction material.

Hassle-free construction

Reputed fabricators in South Africa can fabricate steel structures as per your requirements. Therefore, it will have precise measurements, and you do not have to cut or trim those before using them. Thus, the construction process becomes free from any hassle when there is the use of steel structures.

Not only does the use of such structures makes the construction process hassle-free but also time-efficient. After having the fabricated structure, there is no other work to complete except putting it in the exact place. So, it is possible to complete a project on time using such pre-fabricated structures made of steel.



Steel is highly versatile as it can have fabrication into almost any shape, making it a well-accepted option for residential and commercial buildings. As an architect, you can let your artistic thoughts run wild while still having the capability to design and develop an equally strong and safe structure.

If you desire to have the best steel structures, contact AFRIPANEL. Call them at +27 (0) 11 979 1885 to discuss your requirements.

Modular Houses by Afripanel



Afripanel is manufacturing the highest standard of modular houses and yes customized solutions for modular houses can be offered. If you are in need of a prefabricated house then reach out to Afripanel today itself as we are the leading manufacturer and supplier of modular houses.


For efficient modular structures look no further, just Afripanel. We will be providing cost-effective tailor-made solutions. Every modular house we manufacture is created by professionals, ensuring the best durability and strength.

You can share the details of the product you want us to supply and we will be providing you with modular buildings that will accelerate construction.

The performance, the durability, the strength, and the price of modular houses, everything is the best of Afripanel. You need not worry, we will be delivering you the best solution, as per your requirements. We have served for many years and today we are considered a reliable modular house manufacturer to trust.


Advantages of modular homes: Advantages of modular homes are many like –

  • They are affordable
  • Build time is short
  • Modular buildings are customizable
  • Modular houses are energy efficient
  • They are environment friendly
  • Lower maintenance
  • They look very aesthetic
  • Less wastage
  • Quick move-in
  • Strong buildings
  • Flexible designing
  • Speed construction

Hence, if you are planning to have a modular building then you have made a good decision. Moreover, when there is Afripanel to serve you there’s nothing to worry about.

We will be exceeding your expectations by delivering you super strong and efficient products. We have years and years of experience in constructing modular houses hence you can rely on us.


Modular Houses by Afripanel: The modular houses we construct are fit for schools, mining camps, clinics, accommodation units, offices, and others. We understand the different requirements of clients and therefore, providethe best building that best fits their requirements.

The buildings are supplied in a form of a kit. They are mostly flat packed to easily assemble on site.

Our factory is based in Kempton Park, Gauteng, South Africa. In our factory all buildings are pre-manufactured.

Why choose us?

  • Cost-effective solutions
  • Efficient buildings
  • Customizable
  • Highest satisfaction guaranteed
  • Aesthetic solutions are offered

So, do not worry you are at the right place. You will be finding the best tailored modular houses.

Our manufacturing unit also serves full off-grid solutions like civil works, building structure & finishes, solar power, solar water heating, gas water heating, plumbing, electrical, water collection & storage.

We are right here to assist you with any queries.

luxurious living room designs

Reach out to us today and share the details of the building you want. We promise you a solution that best suits your specific requirements.

Afripanel is the best solution to choose. We guarantee top-class products and services.

We can offer both standard building design & custom buildings as well, choose what suits your needs.

Buy energy efficient Steel Structures


Have you been looking for the best supplier of steel structures? You have got the right dealer to serve you with highly efficient steel structures. Afripanel is a renowned manufacturer and supplier of quality steel structures, supplying the entire of South Africa. We understand and market’s needs very well. We make sure our clients get the best steel structures. We have been serving this industry for years. We know what quality customers expect. Afripanel is a leading supplier and only serves highly efficient products at reasonable rates. Therefore, our customers always receive the best value for their money. You can entirely rely on our products and our service. We deliver quality products with quality customer service. We manufacture products with the best materials so that clients receive the best performing steel structures for their needs.


We manufacture viable products that best suit all types of requirements. As we have a team of very skilled professionals, we can bring out the best steel structures. As a result, our clients have always been happy with our supplies.

From small steel structures to large steel structures, our industry manufactures every size of steel structure to meet clients’ requirements. Furthermore, we can even customize designs based on details provided by our clients. Hence, if you are looking for quality tailored steel structures at reasonable packages, then look no further than us.

We manufacture and supply high-strength pre-fab steel structures.

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Buy commendable Steel Structures: We offer pre-fab steel structures like insulated roofs, walls, doors,  bull noses, shutter doors, etc. We always prioritize the site’s safety and the quality of our products. We work for civil grounds to complete projects. Our team is highly professional and always succeeds in exceeding clients’ expectations. We assure delivery of the best steel structure solution. We will deliver energy-efficient solutions to meet your needs well. For any queries, we are always available to help.

Why choose us for steel structures?

  • We offer customized solutions.
  • Very reasonable rates
  • Guaranteed quality steel structures
  • We have certified engineers, designers, welders, and boilermakers.
  • Our team has manufactured a number of steel structures and is experienced
  • Afripanel is a leading manufacturer and supplier
  • Our designer’s design is according to clients’ needs and can even design according to the approved drawings by clients.
  • We design and manufacture multi-story buildings as well
  • Efficient steel structures are manufactured and supplied

So, why look for more when you have such an experienced and professional manufacturer to provide you with outstanding solutions for your requirements. Reach out to us and let us know what type of steel structures you require. We will deliver the same.


We promise you lower cost, efficient, flexible, low maintenance, and quality product.

We are here to help you. Call us for any queries.

Five Benefits of having Prefab Houses



If you are one of those individuals who end up overwhelmed by the possibility of building another house, as sure homeowners do, you might be considering going the prefabricated course. With such countless advantages to use, prefab houses are a consistent choice.


When you understand it is time and cash saving, you will need to pose a couple of inquiries about what it will mean for how you settle on decisions about your home.

The following are five benefits that will persuade you to utilize prefabricated arrangements.

Decreases the time you need to wait for another house

Have you desired to have a new home that could require half a month to complete? It is currently conceivable if you have prefab houses from reputed designers and fabricators in South Africa. The prefab assembly will help you save considerable time and money compared to the traditional building methodology.

Opportunity to customize

If you are a DIY lover, you will realize there is nothing more disappointing than getting a house that does not fit nicely after the time and exertion you put into it. One can avoid this situation with prefabricated structure because the designs happen from scratch, with underlying solid components and superior grade, steel-based engineering. This implies that they will generally fit any space in great measure and never come up lacking.

Climate Friendly and Sustainable


One of the most energy-effective and harmless to ecosystem development strategies is prefabricated development. Unfortunately, it is much of the time the case that customary development strategies call for additional materials, which enhances wastage.

Compared with customary development strategies, prefab houses have been demonstrated to be more energy effective. For example, a prefab house can be 20% efficient. This is primarily because pre-assembled structures are typically single-story structures, while a portion of the multifamily homes worked with conventional development techniques are a few stories.

Low Maintenance and Reliable Quality

The little, one-story houses that are pre-assembled will generally require less support. The outcome is lower energy utilization over the long run since they will more often utilize less power and gas. In addition, it implies lower warming and cooling costs for you every month.

Besides, quality-fabrication of each sub assembly happens in a climate-safe plant by an accomplished group, with various quality checks during manufacture. Moreover, a few structure parts are made with the precision machine to follow the business and development norms.

Modern, Appealing and Trendy

While many people like to reside in huge, luxurious homes with roomy insides, others want to live in a little, comfortable, agreeable space.


Reputed designers and fabricators in South Africa offer a mixture of the present-day, stylish, top-notch interior and exteriors. No matter the size, their fabricators and manufacturers utilize the space and make every last bit of space best suited for you.

Afripanel is a reputed designer and fabricator in South Africa you can depend on to have the best prefab houses. Call them at +27 (0) 11 979 1885 to discuss your requirements.

Six Good to Know Benefits of Buying Modular Homes


Millions live in modular houses, and there are enough good reasons for doing such. It is affordable, and there is the requirement of less time to set up a modular home than a traditional structure. Moreover, it is better for the environment and is an ideal choice for those living in remote areas.

It is wise to know the benefits so that you can also decide to purchase modular houses from reputable manufacturers in South Africa.


Fast move-in

It is possible to move into a modular construction faster than moving into a traditional house. According to experts, it takes 50% less time to move into a modular home compared with moving into a traditional one. This is because the entire construction process happens inside a factory; natural calamity cannot affect the process. Therefore, if you are with a reputable fabricator in South Africa, it will be possible for you to move into your modular houses in less than two months.

Less waste

Construction and demolition materials form a significant part of generated debris. If you purchase modular homes, you can play your role in reducing the generation of waste. The construction process of a modular unit produces less waste than traditional construction, which will help minimise the generation of debris. The fabricators can also reuse the leftovers from the construction of your unit for other purposes. Moreover, modern modular houses are energy-efficient and make it possible to less pollute the environment, and you will need to pay a lower energy bill.

Reduced cost of construction

It is much cheaper to build a modular unit than a traditional house. There will not be any requirement for subcontractors, and as the building process is faster, it reduces site overhead costs. If you are a construction firm, you need to pay less to purchase modular units from fabricators and can pass down the saving to draw more customers.

Design flexibility 

It is possible to have greater design flexibility when you purchase modular units. If you are with a reputable fabricator in South Africa, you can describe your desire to them, and they will build a unit according to your requirements.

Enhanced durability 


The modular houses built by reputable fabricators in South Africa are according to regulatory organisations’ highest quality and safety standards. Damp, cold or strong wind cannot do any damage to these units.


Ideal for remote areas

If you live in a remote area, purchasing modular houses from reliable fabricators in South Africa is wise. You do not have to bother with having a contractor or building material when you buy such units.

It is wise to contact Afripanel to have the best modular homes at an affordable rate. They have the ability to deliver customised units at an affordable rate. Call them at +27 (0) 11 979 1885 to discuss your requirements.  

The Advantages of Using Steel Structures For A Construction Project In South Africa


Starting a building project requires significant choices, including the material decision for the construction. Steel structures offer an assortment of substantial advantages that incorporate strength, wind and quake resistance, and integrity. In addition, the decision to use a steel structure is generally economical, so let us look at different motivations to utilize such a structure. 


Strength: Your steel structure will not break, split, decay or twist, and it will perform reliably over the long haul. It doesn’t expand or contract, and it holds its structural integrity.

Steel is likewise a decent decision for impact safe applications, generally utilized in structures that require extraordinary security or physical assurance. A structure using a steel outline is similarly impervious to progressive collapse.

Speed of construction: Most primary steelwork is pre-assembled, with very little site work required other than assembling utilizing bolted associations. This prompts quick construction times and decongested building destinations concerning organized conveyance, making it ideal for blocked CBD building projects on small sites.

Dissimilar to concrete, steel structures are full strength when they have completion, permitting prompt access for following trades. In addition, steel decking gives a protected stage for the work to proceed quickly. 

Wind and Earthquake ResistanceSteel structures give expanded strength and flexibility when contrasted with other structure materials, offering protection from catastrophic events like storms and quakes. Such structures likewise include a predictable load path when planned accurately, and each steel structure fabricated by reputed fabricators in South Africa should satisfy standard quality necessities.


Structural Integrity: A steel structure can endure both challenges, which are artificial or natural, without disturbance to its functions or its inhabitants. Steel is likewise solid, non-combustible and strong. Moreover, its homogeneous properties make it reliable and predictable for trust in the plan.

Steel’s flexibility makes it workable for the rearrangement of forces while obliging displacements brought about by cataclysmic events or an artificial occasion. In addition, steel adds structural integrity and strength when blended with other structure materials, for example, being utilized in substantial development or as a connection point in a wood frame.

Steel likewise has standard connections, making solid attaching choices like welding, screws and fasteners. Moreover, in case of an unforeseen tension force, steel gives extra load paths to retain pressure.

Decreased weight: A steel structure is inherently lighter than a comparable substantial construction because of the greater strength and solidness of steel. With lightness comes reduced load on establishments, consequently more modest establishments and a capacity to perform better for some ground conditions. In addition, weight decrease empowers retrofitting onto existing designs for augmentation or repair. Adding additional floors to existing designs is a typical model.

While picking your steel structures, the following are a couple of things to remember:

  • Be sure to be with a certified fabricator and erector who maintains quality, security and abilities.
  • Try not to pick your steel fabricator, only depending on cost. Picking an organization that holds back on quality or rushes the work will set you back more over the long haul.
  • Search for an organization that does both manufacture and erection in-house to smooth out and forestall mistakes.


Afripanel is such an organization fulfilling all the above qualities and makes it possible to have the best-fabricated steel structurespaying affordable charges. Call them at +27 (0) 11 396 2402 to discuss your requirement for such structures made of steel. 

Facts  About Prefabricated Houses to Know



Are prefabricated houses really more eco-friendly than traditional homes? Is a prefabricated house right for you? Do these questions and alike make you curious about prefabricated houses? Then the following facts about the prefabricated houses will clear all your doubts about these alternative buildings. Have a look:

Prefabricated House is Not a New Thing!

Although prefabs became popular in this decade, these houses have been there since at least 1908, when Sears began selling kit houses.  He shipped out the components of the home and plans to the homeowners via rail to build the houses on site.


Prefabricated Homes are of Two Types

You can find two different types of prefabricated houses i.e. flat pack and modular. While modular houses are built completely in a factory and shipped with windows, doors, and interior finishes which are fitted onto a foundation at the building site, in the case of flat pack houses all of the necessary pieces are made and shipped unassembled to the site.

Prefabricated Houses can be Custom Designed

Depending on your choice you can decide the design of your prefabricated house. Isn’t that a great advantage of it over the traditional homes! The prefabs can be custom designed according to the existing site conditions such as views, trees, and sun orientation.

Get Relief from the Decision Making Pressure

Flat-pack homes are more flexible than modular homes, however, too much flexibility is not a benefit always! It can overwhelm the home owners with the number of options available. With prefabs there is a limit to the choices which makes it easier for the homeowners to decide the design they desire, making them feel relieved from the pressure to make the right decision!

Prefabricated Houses are Quicker to Build

A prefabricated house takes about half the time that a traditional home takes! As prefabricated houses are partially assembled in a factory offsite which means you will save a good amount of time off the schedule. Prefabricated houses are especially quicker as they arrive on-site fully finished on trucks. Flat-pack homes are relatively quicker to construct as all the measuring and cutting are done in advance.

A Prefabricated House Costs Less

Often prefabs cost less than building a traditional house. However, that isn’t true always! Depending on various factors the price of a prefab can also go a bit higher.

Building a prefabricated house is more eco friendly

Prefabricated houses are more eco-friendly than traditional buildings in various aspects. As these houses are made in a factory the disruption to the site and the surrounding areas are far less disrupted. Prefab factories create lesser waste than the typical construction site and usually, the extra materials get reused in future projects. Many prefab design companies even use recycled and renewable materials which help in conserving energy.


Hopefully, these facts will help you know whether a prefabricated house is right for you or not!


Afripanels manufactures innovative modular prefabricated buildings for any application. To know more visit https://www.afripanels.co.za/

Choose Afripanel for Modular Houses



Afripanel brings tailor-made solutions for modular buildings. So, if you are in search of modular houses then Afripanel will serve you with high-class modular houses. We have the best modular building solutions to offer. Afripanel is a name you can trust for customized modular houses, as we are manufacturing for years. 


Welcome to Afripanel, the very trusted name in the industry of modular buildings. For years we have been doing this and have always satisfied our clients. We understand our customer’s needs very well and go deep to understand their prefabricated house needs. When there is us to serve you why to worry about anything? We guarantee you a first-class prefabricated house based on your needs and requirements. We will deliver the exact building you want. We will be exceeding your expectations. Afripanel is very trustworthy. When it comes to modular buildings, we are the ones you can reach out to without a doubt. 

Modular Houses by Afripanel: Afripanel is such an experienced manufacturer of modular buildings that you completely trust to deliver you buildings that will be a highly energy saving option to choose. Our modular buildings are simple and easy to install, saving much installation time. Choose no other than Afripanel for modular house needs. 

Our buildings are supplied in kit form and mostly in the flat packed form which is then assembled on site. You will get the exact product promised. Modular houses by Afripanel won’t ever disappoint you and that is guaranteed. Just relax when Afripanel is with you. 


You can have modular buildings from us for your needs like schools, mining camps, clinics, the low-cost housing sector, and accommodation units. Just talk with us and let us know for what purpose you need a modular building and we will manufacture you the exact type you need.

Modular houses are gaining great popularity in recent times. Take a look at the reasons behind it being so popular. 

  • Durable
  • Less installation time
  • Energy-efficient
  • Maximum return on investment

There are lot more reasons that makes modular buildings popular in recent times. If you have chosen Afripanel for your modular house needs then you can completely relax, leaving everything on us. Our professional team will manufacture the best building for you that suits your need rightly. The quality of product and the quality of service we serve cannot be found anywhere else, Afripanel is unbeatable when it comes to customizable modular building manufacturing.

Why Afripanel?

  • We offer tailor-made solutions
  • Reliable modular buildings
  • Energy-efficient prefab houses are offered
  • Cost-effective solutions

Have some queries? Feel free to call. We are right here to assist you. Don’t worry Afripanel is with you.

We will manufacture the best of the best prefab houses.