What Makes Prefab Houses Popular in Construction Industry?



Generally, prefabricated structures can work wonders on different applications. They work for any sort of building project. There are some of the best reasons behind the popularity of prefabricated buildings. 

Friendly for the Environment –

Prefab construction has exactness to its manufacturing that result in little to no waste unlike the waste of traditional construction. Generally, traditional construction allows you make what really require for what you have. 

With a prefabricated home, you’ll have a specific design that through quality manufacturing and foresight. By getting the prefabrication construction done, you can eliminate the construction waste, making them eco-friendly. 

Less Construction Time –

Prefab structures come ready for the assembling and final connection. That means, the panels are made on the factory and arrive on the construction by minimizing the construction time. This way, it cut down the time of construction by half of the time. 

Even, the weather condition becomes a far less major issue; so there’s little to no delay at all. This allows the construction companies to do more projects within same time, getting the better value of their customer’s investment. 

Flexibility –

When you go with prefab houses, you get the design part done beforehand. Whatever you need your buildings to accomplish, the prefabricated combination will help you get the outstanding results. 

If you need more storage space, the prefabricated structures can give enough room or available with prebuilt panels. When you start planning your project, the prefabrication process allows you to add or remove as you require. You don’t need to work by a pile of materials; but with the easy to fit in panels designed for specific purposes. 

Durability to Last Longer –

Though prefab panels are perfectly engineered materials, they are extra durable. This allows them to avoid any damage on the road from the factory to the building site. It makes your project much more durable. 

The panels are precisely manufactured in the factory, providing enormous level of stability. With stability additions like reinforced walls and support beams, the prefab buildings are much more durable than their traditionally built counterparts. 

Product Consistency –

More often the mass production gets a bad reputation for being poor quality. It can be true for specific items; but not due to mass production. Prefabrication is a right example of superior quality production. Designing and engineering a house takes a lot of effort, patience and skills. 

Designing panels of every house capable of connecting together at ease needs a great range of skill in design and manufacturing. With the superior quality designs and efficient and perfectly-run factory setting, the prefab houses make a consistent high-end product in the construction industry. 

Bottom Line –

AFRIPANEL specializes in manufacturing prefab buildings for any application. Our construction units are designed to save on the transport and make the process faster by at least six times. 

Our factory manufactures prefab houses, design and provides turnkey building solutions. We perfectly build products and solutions for quick and efficient construction as well as aesthetically beautiful looking buildings. For more information, feel free to contact us today at https://www.afripanels.co.za/contact-us/.

Afripanel Provide Entire Steel Structure Buildings Solution Under One Roof


Afripanel specializes in manufacturing the exclusive range of space efficient designed steel structures that are long-lasting, withstand at the adverse climate and go with client’s requirements and preferences.

We all knew that steel structures generally used in construction as it is an economical solution, ease of design and can be mold in any shape as per specific design. Afripanel is engaged in manufacturing premium quality prefabricated steel structured building to meet the need of commercial or industrial clients. Their steel structure buildings are featured in quick construction, lightweight, superior finish, space efficiency, flexible layouts with long service lifespan.

Afripanel has earned several certifications for well-engineered steel structure designs, following complete quality management & legal requirements in every aspect of their business operations. Their structures are planned and produced by utilizing premium quality steel with the guidance of most imaginative, knowledgeable and proficient engineers. Their highly attractive prefabricated steel structures have a very good reputation and most asked in the market. They produce steel structures that are strong enough to withstand the harsh climatic conditions and rough weather.

“We make use of high-grade steel for the fabrication of these structures that are zero maintenance costs and can be readily installed with ease. Decades of experience in the industry, professional engineering and the big passion to serve will make us the leader in the prefabricated steel structures building industry. We are one of the renowned manufacturer and supplier for wide ranges of steel structured prefabricated buildings. Our technological expertise enables us to add complete designed engineering, prototype sampling, part production, and timely delivery. Our steel structures come in lightweight construction finish as well as are capable of handling high load strength suitable for temporary, permanent erections and also to the areas prone to earthquake. It hardly takes much time for us to build the prefabricated steel structure buildings; therefore, we can help to save your budget and time. Our clients can get the best solution for constructing steel structure buildings starting from its design, fabrications, production and last installation under one roof. “Say a spokesperson for Afripanel.

Afripanel is a reliable yet reputable name in prefabricated building industry producing finest prefabricated steel structures and building components. They are certified and technically very strong to produce and supply specialized prefabricated steel structures buildings at a competitive price! They follow the best business ethics to provide complete client satisfaction, for which they had earned a remarkable reputation in the markets.

Few Important Facts That You Want To Know About Modular Houses



Modular houses are one of the fastest growing segments of the construction industry. Unlike stick homes, the modular house market actually increased during the housing decline between 1992 and 2002. In fact prefab home purchases increased by 48 percent while conventional houses fell. 

Before buying modular houses, here are a few facts that you want to know:

Modular houses are prefab houses:

You’ll sometimes hear the word prefab house while researching about modular houses. Prefab homes means part of the house or all of the house was fabricated off-site and then shipped to the actual site. Modular and prefab homes aren’t switchable words. In the industry, the term Modular homes usually refers to the house being completely pre-made, instead of prefabricated house made in parts or sections. 

Modular houses are sometimes cheaper compared to conventionally built homes:

There’re several elements & reasons that can make a modular house less costly compared to a conventionally built home. 

  • No architect fee since they’re pre-designed. Modular house plans are generally pre-designed & ready for the changes that you wish to bring to it to customize it. 
  • Often comes with lower permit fees – You still have to get permits for your house, but they’re likely to be lower when buying a modular house. 
  • Labour charges are significantly lower since there’s less time building on site exposed to weather conditions that can prompt delays & additional charges.
  • No general contractor fee – No general contractor is require on site while buying a modular house. All examinations are conducted in the factor setting.  
  • No dumpster fees – Very little amount of waste is generated with pre-assembled modules. 

Many cities permit for modular houses in the backyard:

Cities across the United State of America vary their rules concerning modular houses in their backyards. Check with your city or municipality to ensure that you’re fulfilling your specific area regulations.  

Modular houses can be a great source of income in the form of AIRBNB:

Airbnb has grown to become an exceedingly money-making & competitive force in the hospitality industry. Many home owners these days rent out part of their house or provide the total house for rent on the popular website. Modular houses make excellent income properties since they’re likely to be less expensive to own & maintain than conventional houses but can reap the same rental incomes. 

To make your Modular House buying a happy an affordable experience, look no further than Afripanel. Call us now for a free estimate! 

Steel Structures – A Popular Name in the Construction World Today



Steel is a versatile material that can be molded into any shape and hence matches up with any building design preferences. Also it is highly durable. And all these and more factors make steel structures popular in the construction world today especially in commercial sectors such as warehouses, shopping malls, hospitals and so on. And many people are also considering it for their residential building construction as well.

Decades back wooden and mud houses were in fashion which resulted in exploitation of trees and woods as building materials. And this led to deforestation to a great extent that again helped in enhancing global warming! But with time people became concerned for saving the environment and today steel structures are being mostly used as building materials. Steel structure buildings offer a better quality and a lot more luxury than that of a building built of wood!

There are a wide variety of advantages steel structure buildings have that are making these framed buildings popular among people of every stratum. Usually, red iron is being used for structural frames and light gauge is used for non-structural frames. Structural steel not only works great for skyscrapers but can also be used for various industrial and commercial buildings such as shopping malls, hospitals, schools and likewise because of its good attributes. This material is extremely versatile and is used during different stages of construction that includes roofing, flooring for joists and framing. And when properly designed steel structure buildings became energy efficient as well.Nowadays, many people also prefer steel structures for their residential purpose by remodeling their current building.

Let us check out what all are the advantages of steel structures that make them such a hit in today’s construction world.

Easy Installation

As the steel structures are accurately engineered, they fit part by part simultaneously in a great manner. This helps in reducing the need of getting exceptional fasteners. It also needs fewer workers for completion of the entire construction process. Steel structure buildings do not need retaining and cutting of heavy planks which means the construction process is faster regardless of the size of the building.

Cost Effectiveness

Again as the steel structures/frames are slashed with accuracy during the manufacturing process, it greatly minimizes the wastage as it could be the case when timber is used for construction. Also, by lessening the number of workers for the construction process, the labor costs get minimized to a great extent.

Superior in Quality

Superiority in the quality can be adjudged because the steel structures unlike wooden buildings do not age and get worse over time. With a steel structure building you need not have to worry for any feeble spots. Also steel is corrosion resistant and steady that gives you a peace of mind that even with climatic changes your building will be safe and stand still.

Safe and Resistant

When safety is concerned, steel is far better and superior to wood due to its blaze resistance. Steel structures are also resistant to bugs, termite damages, rodents, fungi and mold. Another factor that makes steel structure buildings safer is that you need not have to worry about any chemical treatments for its quality maintenance. Your valuables are much safer in steel structure buildings that they would be in a wooden building!


Unlike other building materials, steel are extremely strong and will not divide, rotate, rot, splinter, chink or buckle. The best part of steel structures is that although these are strong but are not heavy making it simpler to produce and handle and even lift for construction purposes. And the durability of steel makes it a low maintenance structure.

Author Information:

This article is written by Afripanel, providing well-engineered prefabricated steel structures for various commercial as well as residential projects in South Africa. For more details visit https://www.afripanels.co.za/steel-structure-buildings/

The Prefabricated Steel Structures Those Are Perfect For Buildings



Romans had reasons and due to that, they prefabricated their forts and other buildings. Yes, you may be thinking the right way if you think that we are saying you to follow the Roman way. The advantages the Romans got using such prefabricated structures was that they could build fast and conquer easily. You are going to get much more benefits if you use the Steel Structures that we manufacture. Let us have a look at those.

Saving money: This is by far the biggest benefit that can be derived using these structures that we manufacture. Compared to the traditional method of building a house, the building having the help of these prefabricated structures proves to be affordable. You need to invest less and in a short span of time, will get a move-in ready prefab. The cost of building in this manner is quite low, which makes it an economical way to enjoy the comfort of living in a comfortable environment.

Quick and easy to install: Prefab Steel Structures are not just tastefully satisfying and vitally effective,  they can be introduced rapidly on the grounds that a large portion of their parts and segments are produced and collected in the manufacturing plant before setting off to the development site. Consider it a similar way you would an auto, where its segments are produced and assembled and tried in an auto manufacturing plant before it advances toward the parcel.

Moving these incomplete or finished parts and segments from the processing plant to the building site costs significantly less than constructing the same at the construction site. It not just takes into account the working to be raised quickly but also helps to lessen constructional waste.

They can be customized: These structures can be easily customized according to your requirements. We have a team of certified engineers, designers, welders and boilermakers; who are experienced in manufacturing superb quality Steel Structures and any steel works going above and beyond your expectations.

They are made durable: Being steel they are durable and their durability is further enhanced by the use of prime coat and final coat before constructed. Focusing on quality and structural strength, we provide a wide array of products – from smallest to the largest well-engineered steel structure designs.

Design flexibility achievable: With these structures a modular design, perfect finishing, and unique decorations are even possible. Your compact house architecture becomes easy as the structures come in different shape and sizes. These are very strong and can withstand any natural calamities, weather conditions, can protect from even unwanted vagaries;

If you wish to have such nature of Steel Structures then it would be wise to be in contact with Afripanel Modular Buildings. You can easily call us at 27 (0) 11 979 1885 and make us know your requirements. Being at https://www.afripanels.co.za/steel-structure-buildings/ you can know more about our affordable and innovative structures.

What Is Steel Structure And Why Do We Use Steel Structures



A structure that uses steel as a building material is called steel structure. It is much more costly than the concrete structure in the initial stage but has better performance after the completion of the project. Steel structures are made up of steel and are the best alternative option for RCC columns and beams. Steel attributes compression strength as well as tensile strength. Construction of steel structure is much faster than concrete since real need time for curing after casting.

Steel is the most widely used building materials in construction today. It happens mainly due to its versatile, durable feature, and it is affordable as well. Using steel structures can be proved to be the best form or another in terms of durability, budget-friendly, and its completion. It is useful no matter the nature and size of the project you are working on. Tall structures today are constructed using steel due to its constructability, as well as high strength-to-weight ratio as compared to concrete while being less dense than iron and much lower strength-to-weight ratio.

We use steel structures for a myriad of different projects, including construction of roads and rails, building, tall transmission line towers, chimneys, bridges, Industrial buildings, sheds, cranes, silos, bunkers, oil or gas storage tanks, pipe fences, tall residential building frames, walkways, Railway over-bridges, Railway platform or bus stand shelters, or stadium roofs, construction of modern architecture from skyscrapers and airports to residential homes. It is often reinforced in buildings that are constructed using some other material (such as concrete) in the form of steel beams and structures. It is entirely recyclable and reused as well.

The prime reason that steel is used in so many construction projects is its durability. Also, it has the highest strength-to-weight ratio in comparison to any other building materials. It seems like the most versatile material ideal for buildings, either large and small buildings or structures. It is also very consistent since reputed steel structure manufacturers follow national standards during its design and production. In addition to its durability feature, it is also good for the environment.


Many companies and homeowners also like the steel structures due to its fire-resistant feature. It won’t burn and thus act as a fireproof in the event of a fire. It is also not an organic material; hence won’t rot, split, crack, warp, twist, or break. It seems to be the most low-maintenance materials you can use in buildings or any construction works. Steel structure construction projects are spacious, well ventilated, lightweight, and will ultimately enhance the value of the property. Its recycling does not break down or weaken its feature hence making it an ideal candidate for continuous reuse in any construction work.

5 Best Reasons to Consider Investing in Prefab Houses



Prefab houses are equipped with all kinds of comfort and convenience and manufactured according to personal requirements and demands of users. They can be adapted to different areas. These buildings are designed with thermal insulation and environment circumstances in mind. Prefabricated houses are manufactured to accommodate different purposes and lifestyles making it easy to own a house.

If you’re still thinking whether to invest in a prefabricated house, take a look at the best reasons discussed below and make a well-informed decision:

  1. Comfortable –

Prefabricated structures can be designed as per the demands of users and can offer all kinds of comfort. Though the panels used in prefabricated buildings are manufactured in the factory, they can be designed in a size best suiting the user’s needs and desired functions. If you really want to own a prefab house, you can have the privilege of choosing the materials you prefer.  

  1. Strong and Durability –

Generally, prefabricated houses are manufactured from top-quality materials and equipped with necessary electrical and water systems ensuring long lasting use. They are perfectly-engineered and resistant to different climatic conditions.

Even if you live in the extreme climate, a prefabricated house can provide you with superior level of comfort and safety that you desire for. These buildings are made using long lasting materials and you can use it for more years to come, if you take good care of it.

  1. Time-Saving Alternative –

It takes months to construct reinforced concrete buildings. If you can invest in a prefab house, you can have your desired house equipped with full of features you really want within the shortest possible time.

However, the panels required for prefab houses are manufactured in the factory environment; so their construction will be done in a much shorter time. They are carefully designed according to your preferences and needs and will be completed within a short time.

  1. Sustainability –

Prefabricated buildings stand out as the quickly manufactured buildings as compared to other manufacturing methods. They are made from sustainable materials and techniques compatible with nature, making them environmentally friendly.

The sustainable manufacturing techniques are used in the construction of prefabricated houses and include eco-friendly materials offering les waste. This means, you can get to enjoy a peaceful and safe lifestyle as you want.

  1. Thermal Insulation and High Energy Saving

Prefabricated buildings are manufactured taking into consideration of the climatic characteristics of the region in which they will be constructed. They require structural and thermal insulation calculations, which are performed in line with climatic and environmental circumstances.

Remember that, your home is designed to save energy. In addition, you will take advantage of thermal and acoustic insulation. These houses offer superior performance in terms of energy efficiency.

They are manufactured with state-of-the-art technology to deliver good quality heat and sound insulation. Rest assured that, you will warm up better in your prefab houses than reinforced concrete buildings. This means, you can spend the summer months in the best way possible.

Bottom Line –

When it comes to investing in a prefabricated house, you should look no further than Afripanel. We specialize in manufacturing innovatively designed prefabricated buildings suitable for any application. Our prefab houses are designed to save you on transportation and accelerate construction process by at least six times. For more information, feel free to reach out to us at https://www.afripanels.co.za/contact-us/

How To Cool Down Your Prefab Steel Building

Spring is around the corner and that means the climate is only going to get warmer. Nobody wishes to be baking in their building all spring & summer long. So, the question here is: how do prefab steel buildings remain cool as the temperature increases?

There’re many steps can be taken to make sure your prefab steel building will hold a comfortable temperature throughout the year – even during the hottest days of the year. Some of these options are easy to execute, whereas some may take a little effort and time to put into effect.

Window fans:

This is only applicable if your building has windows. Installing window fans is an excellent way to bring in cooler air while throwing out hot air that may be festering in your building.


Insulation is an important component when it comes to temperature control. Efficient insulation controls the temperature in your building & helps to keep it stable. You can use it in conjunction with air conditioning to keep your steel building cool.

Cool coating:

You can apply a lighter color paint to your building’s exterior. This’ll reflect the light of the sun instead of absorbing it, which in result stop heating from hoarding inside of your structure or in the walls.

Erect your building in a shaded spot:

Keep in mind the position of sun when looking to erect a new prefab steel building. It’d be great if you can erect your building in a site where it won’t be exposed to direct sunlight.

Be careful of your window positioning & steer clear of placing windows directly in the path of the sun.

Use awnings:

You can also consider installing awnings to protect your windows from direct sunlight. Combined with insulation, air conditioning, window fans or an amalgamation of these cool-down techniques, your awnings will offer protection that’ll keep your building’s temperature from increasing.

Make use of LED lights:

LED lights don’t burn as hot as fluorescent or incandescent light bulbs. The less heat released, the cooler your steel building will be. It won’t do the trick all on its own, but this is an affordable and energy efficient way to reduce the overall temperature inside your building.

For low-cost, low-maintenance, energy efficient and flexible steel structures look no further. Here at Afri Panels, we specializes in manufacturing & supplying prefabricated steel buildings of different styles & designs best suiting client’s requirements & preferences.From smallest to the largest well-engineered steel structure designs – we have it all!

Build Your Project Fast & On Budget With Modular Construction



Franchises, colleges, hotels, and several others are encountering the same problem as every custom home builder today, a dearth of competent construction workers. Just like custom home builders, they need quality construction for their commercial construction efforts. Not just they require quality, but they also require their projects to be built fast & on budget. Those 3 items have been proving to be more indefinable to the construction industry over the last many years. That entail they’ve been moving more & more towards modular building.

Developers of multi-family project:

Developers of multi-family are surprised to see what modular building can do for them. This sort of construction can be employed to build townhouses, apartments, duplexes, etc. Developers are trying to save money on construction, but at the same time they’re also trying to set up buildings as fast as feasible to put them on rent and generate profit. When a building project can be accomplished 2, 4, or six months sooner, employing modular building soon starts to make great financial sense.

A dormitory is basically a multi-family project. The expansion of universities over the last few years has had them rushing to construct more student accommodations. With limited time for completion, a large number of universities and colleges have shifted to modular construction for constructing the dormitories that accommodate their students.

Today’s environment and situation has brought modular structure to the front position of building technology. Today’s modular means:

More design flexibility: With significant advancements in modular construction, today you can practically build any house plan that can be competently divided into modules. Many house plans can be modularized & constructed employing the efficiency of factory construction.

More resilient: Modular houses are built strong. The main objective of modular construction is to construct a house that meets or surpass building code.

More value: The modular construction is all about construction efficiency. Here efficiency means planning the whole building process including better use of material, purchasing materials in mass, and better construction planning.

Here at Afripanel, we’re committed in delivering your tailor-made modular vision at a pocket-friendly price. Our modular products are tailor-made for schools, clinics, offices, mining camps and for the low cost housing sector. With the help of our in-house designers and modular construction specialists we can manufacture innovative modular buildings for any application. Rest assured that we will accelerate the modular building process at least 6 times faster than traditional building process. Call us now for functional modular houses in South Africa.

The Use Of Steel In Residential Construction


, ,

Structural steels are a category of steel employed as a construction material to make structural shapes, and as a renowned supplier of steel structures in South Africa, we at Afripanel can handle all your steel structure needs. Today you can see the use of steel in residential construction for the following reasons:

Quick, efficient, and resourceful:

Steel is quick and efficient to assemble in all seasons. Components are pre-manufactured off-site with negligible on-site labor. An entire frame can be erected in a matter of days instead of weeks, with an equivalent of 20 to forty percent cutback in construction time compared to on-site construction. For single dwellings or more complicated sites, steel usually lets less points of contact with the earth, decreasing the amount of excavation needed. The lighter weight of structural steel compared to other framing materials, make foundation simpler. And these efficiencies certainly result in accelerated project schedules, decreased site management costs, and an earlier return on investment.

Less columns mean more open space:

Steel sections offer an elegant, affordable method of spanning long distances. Extended steel spans can easily provide large, open plan, and column-free internal spaces. Steel structures are usually more adaptable, with greater possibility for alternations to be done over time, extending the lifespan of the structure.

More usable space means less material:

The ability of steel to maximize space & internal thickness with the thinnest shell feasible means thinner, smaller structural elements are gettable. Steel beam depths are about half of the timber beams, proffering greater usable space, fewer materials, and lower costs in comparison to other materials. Wall widths can be thinner since steel’s strength & superb spanning ability means there is no need to construct solid, space-consuming brick walls. This can be especially useful for heavily constrained sites, where steel’s space-saving properties can be the key to conquering spatial challenges.

Less impact on the environment:

Steel structures can be dramatically lighter compared to concrete and need less extensive foundation, decreasing the environmental impact of the build. If needed, steel pile foundations can be extracted & recycled or reused at the end of a building’s lifespan, leaving no junk material on site. Also, steel is energy efficient, as heat emits fast from steel roofing, offering a cooler environment in hot climate regions. Conversely, in cold climate regions, double steel panel walls can be well insulated to better contain heat.

Here at Afripanel, we specialized in manufacturing and supplying prefabricated steel structures of various styles & designs best suiting clients’ requirements and preferences. Our team of certified engineers, designers, welders, and boilermakers work collectively to produce steel structures that are the best in quality.