The Facts That Will Help You To Be An Owner Of Prefabricated House



The first question that comes to your mind when you think about prefabricated houses is what such a house is. The next one that bothers you is what makes a house prefabricated and the reasons make it the best lodging choice for your family. As you read through you will know certain facts and advantages of such houses, which will help you to be a proud owner of such a house made by a reputed manufacturer.

What is a pre-assembled home? 

The construction of pre-assembled homes happens in segments in a home building factory at that point moved to a home site and assembled. Consistent with definition, the prefab houses are modular and mobile homes that are quality worked in atmosphere controlled facilities at that point sent and assembled at the mortgage holder’s home site.

The Mobile homes built by reputed manufacturing units meet government codes, which guarantee quality and strength, imperviousness to fire, vitality proficiency and quality while secluded homes are worked to a similar state, local as well as provincial codes as site fabricated homes.

The reason a pre-assembled house a superior worth

An extensive, quality home that mirrors your own style at a value you can serenely bear the cost of – if that is your fantasy, reputed manufacturing units at South Africa can help make it a reality. Since each home is worked in a world-class home structure facility, they can utilize work and cash sparing methods that not just enable us to assemble your fantasy home with quality and proficiency yet, in addition, enable them to give reserve funds to you so you get increasingly home for your cash.

What are the kinds of pre-assembled homes? 

There are three distinct kinds of pre-assembled homes; however, they all have one thing in common: it is that the building of such homes happens in atmosphere-controlled facilities. Nevertheless, the three kinds of prefab homes are diverse because of the pertinent construction laws each must follow. The three sorts of pre-assembled homes include:

  • Mobile homes – Often utilized reciprocally with the term fabricated, manufactured homes are really a relic of times gone by because of the National Mobile Home Construction and Safety Act that became effective in 1976 to improve how the construction of the homes happened. At that point, the Housing Act of 1980 ordered that the use of term manufactured instead of mobile. In this way, on the off chance that you purchase a used home worked before 1976, it is a mobile house.

  • Manufactured homes – Once known as trailers, mobile homes come in three sizes: single wide, double wide and triple wide. Trailer homes are the improved form of the manufactured homes of the past. In the event that the manufacture of such a house happens after 1976 as indicated by the HUD Code, it is a manufactured home; in any case, you can still move manufactured homes! You can buy such homes from reputed manufacturers at an affordable cost.

  • Modular homes – Like a manufactured home, the fabrication of a modular home happens inside, however, they are not required to follow HUD code. Rather, the building of modular homes complies with all applicable state, local and provincial construction regulations that are vital for the area of the home – simply like a site manufactured home.

The sorts of pre-assembled homes reputed developers build are manufactured and modular homes. Trailers are a relic of days gone by.

Five things you did not think about prefabs 

“Rehabs” were transitory homes that worked in the production line at the end of the Second World War. The construction of such houses happened to rehouse the individuals who had lost their homes during the Blitz or service members returning from the war and their young families. Construction of more than 156,000 happened in no time everywhere throughout the nation of the UK in 1946 and 1947.

There are five facts that we come to know from experts of modular houses. Let us have a look at those.

They were not ghettos 

To certain individuals, prefabs were and still are synonymous with tin boxes, cardboard houses or ghettos. Overall, they are incorrect! The planning of prefabs happened as ahead of schedule as 1942, three years before the finish of the Second World War.

A committee set up to see about lodging conditions thought of a kind of perfect floor plan of a one-story home with two rooms, inside toilets, a fitted kitchen, a restroom and a parlor for such houses. The prefabs would be withdrawn houses, encompassed by a nursery to urge inhabitants to develop foods grown from the ground and would have coal shed. This gave rise to Temporary Housing Program.

More present-day than innovation 

The prefab houses made general society dazzled. Many individuals who lived in huge urban communities like London, which had vigorous bombing, were accustomed to living in shared flats or houses with toilets outside and no heated water. Out of nowhere, they found little houses with all the mod cons, which likewise delighted in a great deal of light and offered the likelihood to have a nursery all around. Youthful families essentially originating from regular workers’ foundations would have the chance to live in an isolated house, with a fitted kitchen with a cooler!

They made a solid feeling of network 

The Temporary Housing Program of which prefabricated houses are a foundation functioned as a social plan. Priority was given to families with little youngsters or to servicemen and their families, making solid networks. The vast majority were from a similar age, with average workers foundations, bringing up small kids. They were all beginners once again with the very same kind of house. No big surprise, that the prefabs endured a lot a larger number of years than they should. A few people still live in prefabs today, around 70 years after the construction with an alleged lifetime of only 10.

There were prefabs everywhere throughout the world 

The UK was by all account not the only nation to utilize prefabs as a brief answer for house individuals after the war. France did as well: construction of in excess of 150,000 impermanent houses happened principally in Brittany, Normandy and Hauts de France – the districts that had most experienced united besieging during and after D-Day. In France, in spite of the fact that there were French wooden kinds of prefabs, the greater part of the emergency houses were imported from Sweden, the USA, Finland, Switzerland, Austria and Canada.

A few prefabs became changeless lodging – and even museum 

Individuals cherished prefabs so much that they battled to spare them, while nearby specialists needed to supplant them with changeless and progressively beneficial residences with a higher thickness. A few battles succeeded however most fizzled. Another approach to spare them was to get them through the Right to Buy scheme. From the 1990s, planners and urbanists began to perceive the noteworthy estimation of prefabs. Historic England – at that point English Heritage – began to show some that remained best safeguarded. Today we have 17 such recorded in Birmingham and six in Catford, South London.

Pre-assembled house advantages 

At the point when you construct a pre-assembled house, you profit by numerous preferences. The expression from an earlier time, “pre-assembled house are paper boxes”, has been relegated to history for some time. These days, a pre-assembled house can undoubtedly contend with an ordinarily constructed house. You will have heard about the advantages of prefab houses. Let us have a look at the advantages that you can have had such a house.

The accompanying 10 favorable circumstances will bind to persuade you regarding the upsides of pre-assembled houses.

One-stop administration 

With a pre-assembled house, you just have one organization to manage that will facilitate your fantasy about living in your new home. From the main discussion with your counselor and architect, you are in skillful hands. Only one-site supervisor sorts out issues locally and he knows it about your structure venture. Much after we have given you the keys, a reputed organization is available with its very own client care and modernization administration for whatever length of time that you possess the house.

Fixed value ensure 

At the point when you construct your home in this pre-assembled design, you profit by a high level of planning security. When the contract is marked, you will have a fixed value ensure for a year for the entire scope of administrations. There will be no unforeseen value extra charges to make up for terrible climate or spontaneous expenses, for instance.

Solid checked quality 

In the event that you rule for a pre-assembled house, you can depend on high, solid norms of quality. As being part of government endeavors for pre-assembled development, reputed organizations are dependent upon yearly quality checking. The government authorities survey not just the production of parts in their plant, yet in addition the amassing of the pre-assembled house on-site.

Customized arranging, apparatuses, and fittings 

Each house is arranged separately and is structured completely in accordance with the structure family’s desires. The idea of an ‘off the rack’ house is a relic of times gone by. They put your desires on paper related to an engineer. Home-building families are spoilt for a decision concerning the apparatuses and fittings for their pre-assembled house. The developer proprietor can pick what they need in the solace of one of their design centers.

Ideal energy impression 

A profoundly insulated and water and air proof house envelope from the rooftop to the cellar roof is a perfect structure prerequisite for a vitality sparing house. The construction of pre-assembled houses happens in accordance with government norms and far surpasses these. Because of innovative innovation and the ingenious vitality idea, you have protection against the increasing expenses of vitality.

Maintainable development 

The pre-assembled houses will not just assist you with saving money on vitality, they will likewise add to a positive environmental impression. Utilizing normal timbers decreases C02 emanations. Over this, you will be living in a manageable and solid house.

Value maintenance 

A pre-assembled house should last more than 100 years. In this regard is in no way, more awful off than an expectedly manufactured house. Monitoring of, current pre-assembled houses happens for quality on numerous occasions during production and assembly. Consequently, a lifetime of more than 100 years ought to effortlessly have to expect appropriate development, support and care.

A significant level of sound protection 

In our boisterous world, the commotion has become a key pressure factor and can trigger any number of ailments. Despite the fact that legislators do not request specific sound protection for confined houses, some pre-assembled house manufacturers do give explicit soundproofing measures.

Short building times overlooking the climate 

The manufacture of pre-assembled houses happens in the plant paying little mind to the climate. This implies the dispatch of the structure envelope, with its windows and outside entryways, to the site right away in time where assembly of the same can happen in any event, even when the temperature dips under freezing. Contingent upon the size of the house and degree, the inside work on the house could take only half a month.

Reconstructing and expansions are conceivable whenever 

With a pre-assembled house, there are detailed designs for each building part. You will know decisively where links lie and where an opening is conceivable. Furthermore, the modernization administration of reputed manufacturers gives all the assistance you require from under one rooftop, at a fixed cost.

So, definitely, you wish to have such a prefabricated home. The ideal organization to contact is AFRIPANELS. They have the experience and knowledge to offer you the same maintaining quality, safety, ethics and timely delivery. Call them at +27 (0) 11 979 1885 to have a word with them to discuss your requirements.

Reasons Why Park Homes Are The Best Investments



A few years ago, you would have to search for a new home and now looking to buying a park home this year. Today- ­ the real estate market is tight. One such opportunity that has recently caught your attention is a mobile home or park homes. The real estate investments are comfortable and ideal to invest if you consider park homes. Times have changed, and nearly every property in the form of park homes will give a good deal. Your interest can also be peaked after interviewing several park home investors as well. There are several reasons why park homes are one of the best investments left in Africa.

park homes

What is a park home?

Park homes are a combination of different furnished structures installed on a private estate. They’re typically assembled offsite and then placed on land that is owned privately or by a local authority. When you purchase a park home, you own a furnished building that needs to install at a specific site. Park homes are cost-effective than their traditional counterparts made of metals, bricks-and-mortar, and mortars. Park homes can be built with all the features of traditional houses, and it looks like both inside and out.

What are the benefits of park home living?

  1. Park homes seem to be cheaper than traditional brick-built properties of similar size.
  2. Contemporary park homes built with the latest technology are virtually maintenance-free.
  3. Customized park homes can be well equipped and fully furnished.
  4. Most park home gardens are relatively manageable.
  5. Park homes are installed and discarded conveniently; hence homeowners will enjoy a quiet and independent lifestyle.

How big are the homes?

Park home tends you to discover a modern approach to affordable living where you will get a home of your design and size to create a home that is truly unique to meet your needs. From a single room to comprehensive homes with amenities, you will get the exact structure size you need! The maximum size of a park home can be 65ft long (19.5m) and 23ft wide (6.9m). Some homes are single units 10 or 12 feet or even 20 feet wide as well.

Are park homes energy-efficient?

People might think Park homes can be colder and are not as energy efficient as traditional bricks and mortar! This is not the case as people think. Park homes are just as warm and cozy. Park Homes built with the latest yet advanced technology. The improved insulation standard can maintain excellent room temperatures. Its window and door glazing achieve better U-values as well. All these factors put together to mean that less heat is lost, and homeowners will benefit from savings on heating their homes. Park homes are very well-insulated, and all manufacturers are continually looking at materials and systems to ensure maximum eco-friendliness and energy- efficiency.

How long will they last?

A custom-designed and well-built park home can last 70 to 80 years on average! With proper care, it will last even more hundred years as well. They also provide comfort and a secured standard of living as well. The park homes are built with high-grade structural materials and panels that make its life even longer. All new dwellings purchased on one of our parks are built to meet or exceed residential standards and come with a warranty as well

Why people prefer park home

Park homes are constructed under careful observation in controlled workshop conditions. Those are transported to the park they’re going to sit on. It is made of typically insulated panels, which is then mounted on a robust steel chassis. It means they’re particularly durable and weatherproof. Modern park homes have so many features and are suitable to be used as a permanent residence. They are more energy efficient with better soundproofing facility, hence are more practical and cheaper to run and less maintenance as well. It can be an affordable option for people who want to settle into a peaceful and friendly community where they feel safe and secure.

Afripanel is Africa’s most significant prefabricated buildings, and park home producers provide a cost-effective way to meet your housing needs rapidly. It may be for homes, schools, clinics, and site offices and all of their park homes can be comfortable to stay in.

Reason To Prefer Steel Structures For Your Future Construction Projects


There are innumerable assessment and conclusion need to be done when it comes to dealing with your upcoming building projects. Apart from budget and time limitations, structural specifications, and competences, one has to make decisions regarding the type of building material to be used. Reputed construction and building industries use the best quality steel structures are the best choice over other building materials. Here are a few reasons to choose structural steel over other building materials:

Diverse structural applications- steel structures have been used in a wide variety of ways to frame all most every building. Steel structures can be used to from old flax mills to huts and skyscrapers, and everything in between or nearly any building imaginable. It is adaptable for any

Capable of meeting with ever-changing designs – Changing in technology also make an impact on every industry. It also brings an effect on steel structures as it had been used decades ago. With the advancement of technology, steel structures can be served as a wide variety of functions, and their utilities are unlimited, as well. Steel structures are perfect for future physical expansion without too much difficulty. Modification of end walls or the addition of a new framework can be completed relatively stress-free, quick, and inexpensive way.

Cost-effective- steel structures save your budget. While you compared it to other traditional building materials, the price of steel will remain relatively low; hence, steel structures save you money. Steel structures can often be pre-designed and pre-engineered and fabricated in a factory setup. Thus, it decreases the construction times, labor cost, and saves your money as well. Because steels are durable and high life expectancy, the cost of insurance associated with it is often lower compared to other materials as well.

Durability- Steel has been standing strong as a substantially solid structural material and will last for centuries. It is resistant to rot, mold, shrinkage, termites of other insects, and won’t crack, split, or not-like wood. Steel structures resist fire, earthquakes, hurricanes, and other severe natural weather conditions with ease. Comply with your suppliers to learn more about the durability and warrantee that are available.

Eco-Friendly material- One of the most remarkable characteristics of steel is the fact that it is an eco- friendly material and recycled or reused for other purposes as well. Prefab steel structures are not only spacious but thermal and energy-efficient, helping to decrease the carbon footprint on the earth!

Ease of assembly- One of the great benefits of steel is that its assembly is usually rather simple. Parts are often predesigned and prefabricated in the factory and then brought on-site for assembling. With some skilled workers and engineers, the steel structures can be installed at any site seamlessly. Although warranties and guarantees may vary between suppliers, still the steel structures will be meant to last for a lifetime.

Adaptability- As companies expand, so do their services and capabilities. This growth requires more space. Don’t worry! The steel structures are flexible and adoptable to any business expansion.

Afripanel has been proudly fabricating high-quality steel structures for residential, commercial, and industrial buildings for years. They are proud to be the leaders for exceptional welding, fabrication, and craftsmanship within the construction industry. For more information call them at +27 (0) 11 979 1885 or +27 (0) 11 396 2402 today!

Modular Houses In Construction Are Key Components Of A Green Economy


Modular houses are pre-fabricated, partly built or assembled in factories as per strict specifications, designs, and then brought to their permanent sites. They may put together to form the building and transported to the site, or they’ll get finished on-site or stack one piece on top of another with cranes until the completion of projects. Plentiful reasons depict why modular houses help homeowners, city planners, and people of similar professionals. The footprint on the built environment seems like the prime advantage of modular homes. If you consider the long-term environmental sustainability and eco-friendly benefits, modular houses construction sites are the clear choice for the future.

No carbon emissions 

Eco-friendly and environmentally minded construction companies are always searching for ways to reduce emissions or even no emissions and pollution. Past statistics depict that energy and fuel usage on building sites are responsible for more than thirty-three percent of total radiation in the construction sector. However, using the modular house option in the modern construction process could help reduce those statistics to a great extent. It happens as the modular houses are constructed in factories and shifted to the site only for assembling or installation only. If you talk about the carbon emission, then a small amount of it may happen due to transportation and operation of cranes. It can be concluded that it can reduce the adverse environmental effects of the construction site.

Shorter project times

Most parts of Eco-friendly and environmentally modular houses are built on the factory. Hence it’s possible to make them in much less time than conventional structures. For example, the construction time needed for a 150-bed hospital or temporary shelter house was initially 45 to 50 weeks. However, the using of modular housing alternatives will take only a fifteen to twenty-week process for completion of the project. Small residential projects are also completed in five to ten weeks, as well.

Contain Eco-friendly components

The extreme advantages of modular houses are it contains a full assortment of building materials and other features, and all of them are kind to the planet as well. Each part of it is eco-friendly components, and you can be accommodated with an effective white covering on the roof for better energy efficiency. Furthermore, the construction companies use recycled materials for the floor coverings and insulation as well. However, it didn’t stop there! The builders also enhanced the modular houses with energy-efficient features and designed the entire system to reduce waste.

Flexible for extension or contraction

Modular houses can be useful for the planet in another way. It has been equipping to avoid unnecessary waste if it needs quick up-gradation. One can enhance an existing, modular house structure to any shape, for example, making private areas in open office or home into public environments. It can be modified quickly and effectively without compromising day to day home or office activities. Also, it involves fewer budgets as compared to other extensions or reduction projects.

If you have been considering building a green home, please give a call to Afripanel at +27 (0) 11 979 1885 or +27 (0) 11 396 2402 today! They are happy to explain the different modular house options available to meet your needs.

Potential Reason To Use Steel Structures In Residential Or Commercial Construction Projects


Structural steel framing is a durable, reliable, cost-effective, sustainable option for low-rise, mid-rise, and high-rise building projects. Steel structures refer to the vertical and horizontal structural steel beams and columns frame systems used to construct customized buildings. It is available in a different range of shapes and sizes that virtually allows any architectural requirement to be met.

Strength and freedom of designing

Architects will get more design freedom in designing and fabricating different shapes of steel structures. It’sablend of strength, durability, beauty, precision, flexibility, and quality materials. It will give the architects broader parameters to explore ideas and develop the latest architectural solutions. Steel structures have long spanning ability and provide large open spaces, no intermediate columns, or load-bearing walls as well. It is engineered designed and fabricated as per the most exciting specification in factory setup under highly controlled conditions. The final outcomes of steel structures are more predictable and repeatable, eliminating the risk of on-site variability.

Efficient and resourceful

Steel structures can be assembled quickly and efficiently in all seasons throughout the year. Each component of steel structures is pre-manufactured off-site hence need minimal on-site unskilled labor cost. The entire framing work can be done in a matter of days rather than weeks. However, it depends on the size of the buildings. Also, it will reduce 20% to 40% construction time, budget, labor, and so many things. Steel structures are lighter in weight as compared to other framing materials such as concrete enables a smaller, more straightforward foundation. Furthermore, the execution efficiencies are considerable resourceful for accelerating the project schedules and reduced site management costs and an earlier return on investment.

Adaptable and accessible

Sometimes the homeowners want to make an extension to their existing building or make changes to increase floor loads or extra space into their home. They also need to reposition the wall space to create new interior layouts based on different needs and space usage, as well. Steel structures can cater for any kind of advancement or extension or modification to your home projects. Well planned and fabricated steel structures can put together with the existing floor slab, cover plates, beams for increasing the strength, space to your home. Accessing and alterations to existing electrical wiring, computer networking cables, and communication systems is not also a big problem in such structural extension.

Fewer columns and more space

Steel structures provide an elegant, cost-effective method of big size houses. Extended steel spans can create ample open space and column-free internal spaces. The steel structure manufacturers also design the construction layout with a minimum number of columns that make it easier to subdivide, customize, and adaptable home space. Also, it has more significant potential for alterations to be made over time. Hence it will extend the steel structure’s lifetime.

Endlessly recyclable

Steel can be easily recycled without loss of its properties, so nothing is wasted! Steel structure building is demolished after its expiry period or if you want to make a new home instead. The most important benefit of having the steel structure building is that each part of it can be reused or recycled in the steel industries.

Afripanel is a trusted name in the prefabricated steel structure building industry in South Africa. They can provide a wide range of beautiful, sustainable, innovative, and high-quality steel structures for home and business owners. If you are planning for an eco-friendly, high-quality, and structural-strength steel structure building project, call them at +27 (0) 11 979 1885, +27 (0) 11 396 2402 today!

All That Needs Knowing About Park Homes


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Park homes have been gradually expanding in prominence since 2004 – with right around multiple times the number of individuals looking for them in 2019 than they inquired fifteen years sooner.

Notwithstanding the developing interest, loads of individuals do not know precisely what a park home is, or how it contrasts from a lodge or even a static caravan.

What is a Park Home? 

Park homes regularly look like bungalows in appearance; they are detached homes housed on private land. This implies when you purchase a park home you possess the home, however not the land underneath or around it – however relying upon the park your house is situated in, you might be liable for the support of the ground around the home as you’ll be leasing the land from the site proprietor.

To be a park home, it either must be conceivable to migrate the property in one entire piece or in only two pieces – in case you are a regular motorway driver you have likely observed shipping of such buildings. it is a significant amazing sight. Along these lines, construction of a park home happens on a site and afterward shipped to a bit of private land.

To dive into the details, park homes should be less than 20 meters in length, 6.8 meters wide, and 3.05 meters in tallness.

Lawfully, park homes are as equivalent to manufactured homes, which implies that the Mobile Homes Act 1983 secures them. They are secured by extremely elevated requirements of building guidelines and, likewise to ‘typical’ homes, park homes are associated with all the typical utility administrations, which imply that keeping up the heat in the winter is not normally an issue.

How long can you stay in a park home?

As we just referenced, the elevated levels of guidelines that park homes are worked to imply that they are intended to be lived in forever, lasting through the year. Truth is, different specifications used in the manufacturing of homes since 2016, making them exceptionally vitality proficient, protected, agreeable and generally modest to run.

While such homes though intended for living all through the year, which does not imply that you will fundamentally have the option to live in your park home all year. Various laws administer various sorts of park home locales, so in the event that you would like to live in your park home all year, you have to look into the site where such living is possible.

What is the difference between a park home and a bungalow? 

Outwardly, park homes and bungalows are fundamentally the same as. The fundamental distinction is principally how they are developed. The use of traditional methods happens for constructing a bungalow, with blocks and mortar from the foundation up. The construction of a park home happen in two segments and then moved to the site. Another critical distinction is that you cannot get a home loan on a park home, which means sourcing your very own financing choices or utilizing the ones given by the organization you buy.

You will frequently pay for your utilities through the park proprietor too instead of straightforwardly from a supplier. There are exacting guidelines set up that guarantee one charges you excessively, and site proprietors do not have the right to charge you more than they have paid, other than a reasonable organization expense – so this is nothing to stress over.

Finally, when you choose to sell your park home, the proprietor of the site the house is on must affirm the buyer, which is altogether unique to the way toward selling a house. As far as we can tell, site proprietors once in a while disrupt the general flow of a deal, except if there are legally binding confinements on the site, for example, leads around the age of occupants.

What is the difference between a park home and a static caravan? 

There is not generally any contrast between a static caravan and a park home – at any rate to the untrained eye. Outwardly, they can be fundamentally the same as; the distinction lies in the legalities and inconspicuous contrasts in use.

By and large, individuals will, in general, allude to a static caravan as a vacation caravan situated on a vacation park, though the expression ‘park home’ is utilized to depict private homes in parks where occupants will, in general, live for a longer level of the year.

The most noteworthy distinction is around the principles and necessities to which they are constructed. The principals and necessities are different for both Therefore, static caravans are not worked to be reasonable for all year living.

Who would suit living in a park home? 

For the most part, anybody can live in a park home – except if the home has limitations with respect to the age of its occupants, regardless of whether they are family accommodating and whether they permit pets.

While there are parks out there that are more than upbeat for youthful families with three pooches to live, park homes are commonly progressively famous among the more seasoned community and explicitly resigned occupants.

They are ideal for those needing to get away from the quick-paced hustle of most neighborhoods and advance a progressively laid-back, loosened up style of living.

Five awesome things about park homes 

  • They are generally situated in secure conditions, ideal for resigned individuals, particularly when grandkids come to visit
  • They are generally less expensive to purchase than private homes, in any event, when you get them from new and can influence the precise determination
  • Utility bills are normally recognizably less expensive
  • Park homes are typically in the most reduced band for council tax
  • Construction occurs following very severe guidelines, implying that all the money related advantages still accompany a top-notch home

Presently you know about park home, know the entirety of the advantages of owning, and living in one. If you desire to have one, it is ideal to have a word with Afripanel. They have the ability to offer the best park home at an affordable rate. Call at +27 (0) 11 979 1885 to share your requirements with them.

The Things To Know About Prefab Buildings



Prefab can be a befuddling term. An enormous number of individuals think prefabricated development is equivalent to kit development or panel construction. Here and there, it is however generally, it is not. As per Wikipedia prefabrication is the act of gathering segments of a structure in an industrial facility or other assembling sites, and shipping total congregations or sub-congregations to the building site where the structure is to be found. ‘Pre-assembled’ may likewise allude to structures worked in parts, modules or transportable segments, and may likewise be utilized to allude to trailers, houses on wheels, and modest houses. Though comparable, the strategies and plans of the three differ broadly.

Prefab houses are made in sections, and after that moved to the home site for development and establishment. These are commonly introduced and treated like a normal house, for financing, examination and development purposes. In spite of the fact that the segments of the house are pre-assembled, the sections or modules, assembly happens at the development site much like an ordinary home. Fabricated and versatile houses are close to the home property and devalue after some time.

Mobile homes constructed onto steel pillars, and are moved incomplete segments to the home site, where they are amassed.

Manufactured homes are based on wheels, which can be moved.

Past those arguments, modular, or prefab buildings offer an assortment of advantages for home purchasers needing to expand on a plot of land. Here are the things you should know however before focusing on a prefab:


While I have no details to shield my announcement, perception demonstrates that building a progressively customary “sticks ‘n blocks” home takes somewhere in the range of 9 months to a year. That depends on various variables including grants, inspections, climate, and so on. A prefab home ordinarily takes from 3 to 4 months, all the way. Reputed manufacturers assemble Prefabs in a manufacturing plant under predictable conditions with assessments occurring at stake as structure occurs. It ought to likewise be noticed that once on location it just take 5 to 7 days for the segments to be gathered and the home to be turnkey.


This is an exceptionally tricky subject. It is not that there is coverage of related up to such an extent, as they are fortuitous and individual to each home. The base cost of a prefab home incorporates development, transport to the final building site, and the setting of the home on the establishment. This does exclude any extraordinary changes to the house while being developed. In the event that the promoted house accompanies tile flooring, yet the purchaser would prefer to have travertine tile, the customer then needs to pay extra for such customization. The value then changes. Once on the site, there are perhaps many more expenses. On the off chance that the site does not have a septic framework, you need to introduce one. On the off chance, that utilities are absent those should be included. On the off chance that a portion of the land needs clearing to clear a path for the home, there is a charge. These expenses are not covered but you will have an estimation from the manufacturer before you settle for such a house. Please visit our standard designs designs


There is a stigma related to the words “measured” and “prefab”. Notwithstanding stricter construction regulations and gauges just as enhancements in the prefab procedure, the shame still exists. There is yet that nothing that particular or prefab signifies “versatile” and a couple of purchasers are keen on a manufactured house. These equivalent purchasers frequently feel that prefabs are not worked as solid as a progressively customary sticks ‘n blocks home or that they are shaky. This assumption is false as you can see when you have one for you.

In order to have such a prefab house, it is wise to contact Afripanel. You can expect to have perfect prefabricated houses to your entire satisfaction from them. Call at +27 (0) 11 979 1885 to have a word with them and have a quote.

How To Stick To Your Budget While Building New Modular Houses?


Modular houses are pre-designed and pre-fabricated buildings come with many parts that put together to create new homes. It’s easy to see the related cost involve in each of its parts. With the right information, assistance and some smart decision, you can build a beautiful new home without any stress. It may be related to place, budget, shapes, designs, and financial blowouts. Sticking with your budget can be a challenge while you’re building new modular houses. Do you wonder where to start and what to prioritize? Then have a brief to discover how to stick to your budget when you build your new modular house!

Be selective while procuring the land

Doing your research and seeking good advice is the key to acquiring selective property for installing your modular house. Buying the wrong place can put a severe worry on your budget. If you buy a sloping block, you may need to set aside a significant sum for excavation work. Further, if the land is located in a bushfire prone area, you may need additional money for the required upgrades. Be sure to such factor as it may enhance the project cost of your modular houses.

Finding a reliable builder

Along with the land selection, choosing a competent builder is also significant for your modular house projects. Leading yet experienced builder is more likely to provide you with precise estimates, and cost for your modular house irrespective of its size or shape or design. They offer ideas and suggestions on the models and upgradefeatures that will suit your needs and budget. This assistance will ultimately make you stay on your financial track.

Pick a proper design

Leading and experienced manufacturers build well-designed modular houses that not only look and feel luxurious but will cost much less. They make the appropriate house that matches your lifestyle, needs, and budget. Experienced builders can assist you in narrowing your focus and deciding on modular house designs that include all you need, and also within your budget!

Be flexible with upgrades

Experienced manufacture not only makes proper modular house designs but also make provision to upgrade it in the future. Do you want to expand your budget? Then they can upgrade the existing modular house and make it look even more amazing and are sure to impress. If you feel that it will blow your budget, then you can take a pause or opt for those that are essential for extension or replace.

Stick to your budget

There is no expense limit for any construction projects. Perhaps you may worry about stretching your budget while building the modular houses! You must remember lots of things you can do, ensuring your budget stays on track. You should be careful while selecting the land, builders, modular house designs, and it’s up-gradation features. It will help you stick to your financial planning and ends up with a home you love.

Do you have any inquiry regarding the budget and costing or designs to build modular houses? Afripanel loves to hear it from you! They will like to share their best experience with you in getting a dream home within your budget. Visit them at, or contact direct on +27 (0) 11 979 1885, +27 (0) 11 396 2402 today!

Quicker To Build Prefabricated Homes Gain Much Popularity Than Conventional Houses


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Affordable housing has become an essential issue for millions of people. Young families no longer find affordable housing in many major cities! Retirees are forced out of their homes and neighborhoods where they have lived for decades. ! Houses in big city centers are also not affordable for normal people! The market demands new flexible living concepts and prefabricated houses are the best solutions to meet with such situation. It offers a real alternative to conventional building, and it is an ecological, sustainable modular solution for your housing problem!

Prefabricated houses are slowly making their base among many builders, construction companies, and industries and residential sectors. They are much more adopted commercially, industrially, and for residential purposes. The less production time, high flexibility in use and adaptability feature makes the prefabricated houses much more economical. They are sophisticated, architecturally high-quality, suitable for turnkey building projects.

Prefabricated houses are made of galvanized steel and take only a few weeks to manufacture at the factory and a few days to erect at the site as well. Reputed prefabricated house manufacturers carry out the planning together with clients to best capture client’s requirements. The experienced architects and engineers adapt the planning 100% to client’s needs irrespective of the design or structure or the size prefabricated houses. They implement their best design techniques, barrier-free living space designs precisely as per clients need. With this freedom in design, the prefabricated houses can easily integrate the modular buildings into every urban environment.

The future-oriented design of prefabricated houses provides clients with a wealth of advantages. The prefabricated house is finished modern homes fit aesthetically with its old fashioned counterparts. It meets with all the necessary requirements such as fire protection, sound insulation, and fundamental building physics. It also complies with all legal standards, regulations, and specifications, as mentioned by the local authority and industrial standard. Again the insulated prefabricated houses are more comfortable in adverse weather conditions and also useful for saving energy.

The prefabricated house is best known for its short construction time, highest quality, a mainly aesthetic appearance. It offers attractive purchase, financing, rental, and leasing models for the commercial and municipal sector. It also allows a high degree of flexibility in layouts. While deciding the ceilings and wall surfaces as well as the floor coverings client has free choice to do anything as per preference.

Prefabricated houses possess the good bearing ability and are complied with all the required standards that are necessary. They build with sustainable materials, and the house is designed to be energy efficient. If the owners wish, then it can quickly separated and moved to any new locations easily! The architects also made the designs user friendly.  Hence anyone can have their fast-assembled customized prefabricated home.  Hence they are ideally suited to construction buildings or in hard to access locations.

Afripanels is a leading name in manufacturing cost-effective and environment-friendly pre-fabricated houses. They work hard in meeting the different housing requirement of clients. They offer a wide range of prefabricated houses that are highly appreciated and demanded by clients worldwide! For more information or customized prefabricated home get in touch with them at +27 (0) 11 979 1885 or +27 (0) 11 396 2402 today!

Benefits Of Steel Structure Construction Over Its Counterparts



Steel structures are the metal structures made of structural steel components. It is made up of high grade steel to carry loads and provide full rigidity.  This structure is reliable and requires fewer raw materials than other structures made of concrete or timber. Steel structures are fabricated with a specific shape to suit a project’s applicable specifications. Depending on each project’s specifications or layout, the Steel structure industries build steel structures, various shapes, sizes. They assemble the hot or cold rolling steels, I-beam, HSS, Channels, Angles, and Plate welding. In modern construction, steel structures are the best options used in almost every type of structures.  With natural beauty and flexibility, most architects can’t wait to take its advantage. Here are a few viable reasons why the steel structure is the best choice!


  • Steel structures allow free spaces, and you can have a lot of natural light if you want it in any shape of structures.
  • Most of the steel structures are fabricated at a factory. Hence its construction at any site does not need much labor. Few skilled technicians are enough to complete a safe construction process. Industry surveys consistently demonstrate that steel structures are the optimal solution in management.
  • Steel structures are made of highly durable metal that can withstand a considerable amount of external pressure and harsh weather conditions. It has the capability to withstand strong winds, earthquakes, hurricanes, and heavy snow. They are also defensive against rust, termites, bugs, mildew, mold, and fungi unlike wood frames, or concretes.

  • Steel structures have better load-carrying capacity than its counterpart structures such as concrete or wood structures that have the low load-carrying ability.
  • Steel is a tensile metal, and its strength to weight ratio is very high. Hence the steel structures are about 60% lesser than concrete structures.
  • Steel structures only need foundations for their columns but not for the entire area, which you won’t find in any structures since they are heavy.
  • The construction process of steel structures is faster as it involves the assembling the pre-designed steels, I-beam, HSS, Channels, Angles, and Plate. They can be designed and constructed at the factory and then transferred to the site for installation. Ultimately it contributes a lot for a faster project completion than any other time-consuming projects.
  • The steel structure is inexpensive for most construction projects so far as the materials, design, maintenances, as compared to other traditional building methods.

  • Steel structure let you fetch a good scrap value hence make it a better option than its counterpart structures that have no scrap value.
  • Steel structures can be mass-produced and easily fabricated. They are so adaptable and are easily assembled, disassembled, and replaced. Steel structures can also be modified even for last-minute changes as well.
  • Steel structures are the most eco-friendly option, as they are easily recyclable. It did not also create any pollution while its erection and also save money in waste management.
  • Steel structures are lightweight, easy to transport to any site and safe option as you yet to find any health hazards on a steel structure construction.

Afripanel offers steel structures’ building tailor-made to meet the needs of customers. While making such steel structures, they comply with the high performance, efficiency, and international quality standards. If you are searching for a competitive price and best quality steel structure manufacturer, please contact Afripanel at+27 (0) 11 979 1885, +27 (0) 11 396 2402 today! They are ready to answer any questions irrespective of your projects.