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Modular housed are sectional prefabricated houses, which consist of multiple sections called modules. The modules are six sided box with outside facilities. This house is a unique home because it is constructed in a climate-controlled manufacturing plant. Building in this fashion reduces the hazards of weather related delays as well as troubles. These houses may be used for temporary or permanent in remote and rural areas where conventional construction may not be possible.

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1. The modular housing construction permits for hundreds of options and design possibilities. You should design your home with the help of builder that best suits your needs. You can also upgrade or modify your general construction and design your own floor according to your plans.

2. Modular homes are better quality construction because these are built in factories with best material tools.

3. All the building designs must be brushed up and approved, before modular homes are constructed in factories.Also the modular manufacturer contracts with a third party inspection agency which is licensed by the states to perform the in-plant inspection while the household is in fabrication.

4. These homes are built to the same building codes used by conventional site-builders and also contain 100% reusable components.

5. You cannot expand or add a section in case of conventional constructions; merely with modular buildings you can easily add or modify any components.

6. Though these houses are built in a mill, the fabrics are stored indoors in a controlled environment such as rust, sun damage etc.

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Now quality engineering and the latest construction techniques significantly increase the energy efficiency of modular home which allows more insulation to be placed in the wall. AFRIPANEL is South Africa based manufacturing industry which manufactures modular buildings, design and do turn key solutions with guarantee quality.