Prefab buildings have got an increased attention in past few years, thanks, to the efforts of the first consumer shelter magazine dwell that has popularized this home design option across the world. A group of young and dedicated modular house designers has been using the latest construction technology to save people from on-site delays and expenses of traditional home building. That is how the prefab housing sector has been growing in its market demand and getting more orders from customers. One of the rapidly growing sections of the home design and construction industry, modular houses manufacturing and production has increased by a significant percentage from the last decade. Even though there is a slowdown in the house building market, the modular builders have accepted to getting a steady work flow. Don’t you like to know why it is so? The prefab building experts of www.afripanels.co.za are here to give you a quick insight.


Because modular houses are built inside factories and get completed in phases. It takes only a few weeks rather than months to complete your prefabs. This sort of home design is not likely to get delayed due to bad weather conditions. However, prefab homes have to qualify certain rules, norms and building code practices which certainly are not required for making on-site houses. Again, you will have to shop around and choose the best prefab builders for you projects. Not all of these builders can make prefab homes exactly the way you want. You can also find a great difference in quality, value and features of the prefabricated units. So, before building any modular unit, you need to do a lot of research.

You may be getting impressed with the positive aspects of these homes by now: excellent design, quick construction, quality materials and low rates. Many modular home users have accepted to have got all these benefits. But prior to going to any local modular building company or supplier, you should know clearly about a few important things. In this post is given a list of things you might want to know before placing an order for the first modular unit. Your decision lies in the given details. Read them thoroughly and make a decision fast.


  • Prefab houses pass through quality checks and are not inferior in value than the conventionally built on-site homes.
  • Modular houses can get customized according to user’s choice and preference.
  • Most of the prefab builders have their in-house factory outlets that use CAD technology to build fabulous designs.
    • Modular housing designs differ both in size and style.
    • Prefab construction can also suit your commercial applications such as retail stores and office buildings.
    • These homes have permanent base or foundation and are therefore considered as real property.
    • Prefabricated houses follow green building practices.
    • They can be built on the full/half basements, crawlspaces, pilings and top of the garage.
    • Modular buildings are quicker to build than any on site made homes.
    • Home loans can get approved easily for purchasing modular ones.
    • Insurance facility is also available for the prefabricated structures.
    • Taxes on modular units are the same as on-site homes.
    • These houses are designed to survive winds blowing at a speed of 175 mph.
    • Prefabs are a great option for nearby living and allow more conveniences for future.
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  • If you are looking to purchase prefab buildings after coming to know about the above things, then don’t make any delay.