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Nowadays it is real hard for anybody to get a traditional home due to the current state of the economic system and struggling real estate marketplace. In this case money is money is one of the main factors which causes trouble to build a traditional house.

But in this era there are solutions and savvy options for people from all journeys of life. You can easily get all the things starting from consumer products to home building techniques. These are homes, prefabricated in manufacturing plants based on a fashion concept and the raw materials are well prepared with right size. If time as well as money is important for you and your family, you need to understand that a traditional home can take six months or more time to build. But a prefab may take two-three months to make which is depending on the size and number of sections.

Prefabricated Buildings

There are reasons for the rise of modular homes across the world.


Prefabs are manufactured on assembly lines and manufacturing companies are able to purchase and store materials in large volume while reducing waste typically happened during the time of traditional home building.

Environmentally friendly:

Many of the companies provide green homes include wind energy sources, renewable wood sources like bamboo and low VOC (volatile organic compound) paints etc.

Faster building times:

Normally prefabs are designed more quickly than traditional homes.

Prefabricated Buildings

AFRIPANEL is manufactured company located in South Africa provides products which are ideal for accommodation units, clinics, offices, camps at reasonable cost to its customers.

If you need to know more about non-traditional homes, you can contact info@afripanels.co.za.