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Building a beautiful home is a dream of millions of people. In this modern world there are different types of houses. Modern prefab homes are one of the popular housing options now. The current state of the economic strength is also a cause why many people are turning to prefab homes instead of traditional houses or buying a house that is way out of their price range.

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These houses are also known as prefabricated home or modular home where you can easily add many rooms according to your requirement. There are various reasons behind the increasing demand of these houses.

  • The prefab house takes less time (3-4 months) to build. You can also expect your house to be ready within two months.
  • These houses offer better insulation as they are built in a factory.
  • The superior insulation of these houses helps you pull through lots of electricity money. Also construction and design costs are less as compared to traditional homes.
  • As prefab homes are made from renewable and recycled materials, they are more environment-friendly than traditional houses as well as consume less energy.
  • Prefab home can handle natural disasters like tornadoes, hurricane respectively. Hence these are stronger than traditional homes.

Today these are built with advanced technology that you can face problem to find the differentiation between a prefabricated and traditional home. So the people from all walks of life tend to prefer building or purchasing modular homes.

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If you are in the market for searching prefab homes, AFRIPANEL is here to help you. We design and manufacture good quality modular homes for mining camps, offices, clinics at affordable price.

To know more about our products and solutions, you can contact us by email info@afripanels.co.za