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If you are thinking of getting into a mining job then you need to prepare yourself to be onsite in a mine camp most of the time. And you must be aware of the mine site living pros and cons so that you can adapt to the environment efficiently.

Mining companies always see to it that their employees live a comfortable life hence provide good living conditions which also helps them to attract a more number of employees to get their work done faster and reduce turnover rates too. And the facilities provided are as follows:

1. Food:
Keeping eye on various shifts i.e. night shifts and morning shifts, the company arranges food available for its employees all the time (i.e. breakfast to lunch to dinner).

2. Cleaning:
The cleaning service is offered twice or thrice a week and hence you need not have to worry for cleanliness and you can relax completely.

3. Fitness activities:
The employers organize various sporting activities within the camp area to keep their employees mentally and physically fit and refreshed so that they can work efficiently.

4. TV and Internet connection:
You will be provided with pay TV and phone along with internet connection to keep you entertained.

Although there are few cons of mine camps like dust, heat, longer working days etc. exist but you need to adjust with these if you seriously want to get jobs in the mine sites. Building mine camps keeping the comfort of employees in mind is not an easy task. Onsite mine camps construction necessitates more time and capital providing which is unfavorable for the company hence they prefer prefabricated mine camps built offsite and then transport them to the location.

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