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Modular houses or homes are custom made homes those are built in large units in a controlled manufacturing environment and then sent to the site where it is assembled. Modular houses can be luxurious with fascinating features as per your choice as well as requirements and available in an affordable price range. More and more people are opting for modular houses because of its flexibility (which provides luxurious living) and durability (which provides strength) as well as its cost effective price range.


The environment where the modular houses are manufactured maintains a consistent temperature throughout the year; this ensures no effect of cold, heat, rain, snow, wind or any weather can come in the way of building standards and interrupting the work flow. As the modular houses are built in factories, it ensures almost zero waste of material which proves to be cost effective and environmental friendly. Efficiently built modular houses can endure or bear the transportation (truck ride) as well as assembling hardships and reached their final sites to be lifted off the vehicle and placed on an already laid foundation. These modular houses bear building codes of states or countries where it will be installed, for example- modular house manufactured in Africa can be installed in Tanzania by confirming the Tanzania codes.

Modular houses are energy efficient and allows you to use smaller heating or cooling units that helps in saving your everyday consumption. As well as these houses being well insulated save on your utility bills. Compared to the onsite construction modular houses are built faster allows you in moving sooner to your brand new luxurious home.

You can get a wide range of durable modular houses built by Afripanel; of different housing styles, modern features, green environmental building, etc, at an affordable range. We are considered as Africa’s one of the best prefab manufacturers tailoring effectively customers requirements.