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Park homes also known as mobile house are considered as prefabricated building that provide a look of detached bungalow style home. You will get beautifully designed or built park homes to live in permanently. Many of you must have instantaneously mesmerized and pleased by the charmingly expensive homes. You can inexpensively get your own park home built with such standards to fulfill your every purpose.

South African Parks Homes

These park homes are well insulated and have a central heating which makes it energy-efficient. This means you will stay warm and live in comfortable atmosphere without paying extra electricity bills. Maintaining them doesn’t involve any major cost as park homes are easy to maintain.

park home built by Africhill

The manufacturers hold back no luxuries in making or building residential park homes. The factories where the park homes are built start the process with simple wood-framed edifice. Then strengthening of wood frame is done with steel support to provide an everlasting structural basis. The choice of materials such as plastic, brick or wood to be used in building park homes (the house’s surround or part that skirts the house) will depend on your purpose.

Park Homes & Buildings

Park homes are not only for middle class family; these can be built with any kind of luxury to satisfy the needs or requirements of every class in society and according to every budget. You will find enormous flexibility in design, layout and size with a park home. You will get built in pipelines or drainage systems for different purpose such as water, electricity, gas, telephone as well as drains and sewers.

Standard Designs of Park Homes

You can get your suitable park home built by Africhill, which is known to be the best manufacturer of pre-fabricated homes in South Africa. We will build your dream house in which you will live in with comfort.