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Do you want to own house built with state-of-the-art green products using ultra-efficient manufacturing methodologies? Then buying a park home is the best option as these can be built with all kind of modern amenities of 21st century as well as offers exceptional green building performance in the housing industry. You will get a high quality, environment friendly and luxurious or comfortable park home at an affordable price that will give a perfect look and feel of a traditional home. If you want your park home on the mountains, coast, river side or in a rural area, etc, then this can be successfully fulfilled; as park homes are pre manufactured in a factory setting (in form of large blocks), which is transported to the site or location and assembled to form your suitable park home at desired location with an ease and convenience. Afripanel one of the leading manufacturers of durable park homes specializes in building houses as per your requirement. Our park homes will offer you:

Anglo American Kumba Iron Ore

Custom-Built and Design Flexibility:

You can select the desired design required for building your park home as we offer endless design possibilities. We will build your home in a unique way without compromising with its quality, versatility or functionality.

Well Engineered and Safe:

Our manufactured park homes are quite durable and can withstand weather challenges in an amazing way. Our well engineered manufacturing system and precisely done quality control checking allows to deliver you a safe and well engineered park home, ready to be installed perfectly on your site.

Modular Homes, Prefabs, Mine Camp Prefab

Energy Efficient:

Our manufactured park homes have proper insulation techniques that make your home an energy efficient space, which proves to be beneficial in lowering the rising cost of energy bills giving you an ultimate relief. Afripanels manufactures energy efficient park homes that successfully outperform conventional homes. Visit us today and order to build a suitable as well as affordable park home. We assure you to deliver beautifully designed and comfortable park home that will offer a green living.