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In this modern era people are addicted with comfort and luxury which has made park homes as a great alternative to traditional or on-site home construction. Generally the park homes or modular homes are created as custom design modules and then transported to the building site where a local builder apply finishing touches after joining or assembling all sections together; this results in a beautiful and comfortable park home, which you can get in a convenient and cost-effective way.

steel1Opting for a park home will help you to avail a wide range of custom designed floor plans and various housing styles that will create a custom dream and luxury home. The park homes of any shape and size are built with required local and state building codes. The construction process of park homes is faster than on-site construction as these are manufactured in a factory setting without getting interrupted for bad weather. You can afford to have a park home that has all modern amenities or if required then can have extra rooms or attach extensions in a cost-effective way.


Park homes undergoes tight construction which means these are built with all holes, cracks and seams in ducts are properly sealed; this will help eliminate moisture, dust, pests and pollen, which will provide you a comfortable living space while lowering maintenance costs. You will get extra insulation in park homes as the walls, roof and floor being well insulated that effectively lowers your utility bills. Afripanel manufactures durable park homes made up with high quality materials to give you a safe and secured space for living. Our park homes have all the internal fittings and fixtures as like the house built on site. We can work as per your requirement and build a comfortable & luxurious park home.