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Do you want to join the brigade of prefab housing fans? Are you in search of budget-friendly yet comfort living space? Then what could be better than opting for prefab housing project. The present scenario boasts of huge mass of people who are well aware about environment friendly and modern day prefab houses that costs them less while giving a comfortable living. From residential owners to business owners; most individuals are opting for getting prefab buildings that help in giving them the height of elegance.


Afripanel, one of the best prefab manufacturers in South Africa has successfully given solution to most of the people who want a perfect alternative to traditional block and brick structures. Our prefab houses are built off-site (in factory settings) then brought on-to the home owner’s plot and can be quickly assembled. We constantly come up with new ideas, designs and architects that will suitably provide the customers a trendy, comfortable and eco-friendly living space. You will get wonderfully airy, well defined rooms with larger space and enhanced aesthetics.

Below mentioned are some interesting aspects of our prefab houses that you will get:

  • Fixed Timeline and Budget: Worried about the time to be taken in building a prefab house? Be assured as we will build your prefab house in a factory setting that won’t be affected by any bad weather, resulting in a successful completion within a fixed time, which indirectly suits your budget too without increasing it.
  • High Quality and Impressive Designs: While being built in our factory site each segments of the prefab house undergoes through detailed quality analysis that ensures the styles and designs are well maintained without compromising with its quality; thus results in a high quality and impressively designed prefab house.
  • Modular Green: Well built with proper insulation techniques our prefab buildings and houses will provide a energy efficient living space, which helps in conserving your energy usage; thus proving to be a modular green option with environment friendly aspects.

Prefab houses manufactured by Afripanel will provide you a new age and comfort living solution without pinching your pocket. Simply contact at +27 (0) 11 979 1885 or mail-info@afripanels.co.za to get our effective service.