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Whether you are a first time buyer or retiree looking to step into the property ladder; then can opt for owning an affordable and attractive park home. Park homes will provide you comfortable and luxurious accommodation for a better lifestyle. Residential park homes or mobile homes can conveniently placed on privately owned spacious plots in a serene and tranquil location away from urban hustle and bustle that will offer an enticing sense of freedom and privacy.


Most park homes are seen with one-story structures having a pitched roof that makes it look like any traditional bungalow. You will get a park home having modern interiors with all necessary comforts such as central heating, double glazing, carpeting throughout and integrated with modern appliances and storage units that results in a luxurious living space.

Reasons for buying park home from Afripanels, which is a leading park home manufacturer in South Africa:


Budget is what always stays on every people’s mind before getting ready to buy a park home. If worried about the cost then compared to brick-built conventional homes, our park home will cost you less. Generally our park homes are considered economical as these require low maintenance.


Energy Efficient Solution:

Constructed from sustainably-sourced materials our modern park homes are highly insulated that provides an energy efficient living space. This helps in saving money on energy bills as well as reduces carbon footprint.

Comfort of Living in Tranquil and Serene Surrounding:

Our park homes can be conveniently located on a quiet and rural location that will result in a cozy living helping you in successfully escaping a hectic city life to lead fun filled and peaceful life enjoying incredible nature and privacy.

Peace of Mind with Great Security:

Our durable park homes are efficient enough in fighting out any type of climatic conditions, while giving a comfortable living. Apart from that you can install camera surveillance systems or car registration recognition systems for a great peace of mind.

We will build park home customized as per your requirement and budget that will perfectly suit South African climate and conditions. Contact us today by sending an Email to: