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In the last few decades, science and technology have surpassed all the heights of development in every sector. Similar is the case with the construction sector! Many new advancements have been made in this sector and the most recent technological advancement is the prefabricated buildings.


What is a prefab building?

Prefab buildings are the buildings where various parts of the building are manufactured in a factory and then are assembled together at the desired place to form a complete building.

Benefits of a Prefab Building over On site Constructed Buildings

  • Speedy Construction

The construction procedure of prefab buildings takes lesser time than that of a brick and mortar construction approach. This is because, the parts are already manufactured with proper measurements, hence these parts are assembled within a small time frame.

  • Lower Labor Cost

As there is not complicated construction needed in case of prefab buildings, the labor cost is lower compared to the on site constructed buildings.

  • Eco friendliness

Due to the lesser usage of construction materials, equipments and other sources affecting the environment, prefabs are considered as Eco friendly housing alternatives.

  • Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is one of the most applauded benefits of the prefab buildings. There is a less wastage of materials in the case of prefabs as these are partly built at the factory and hence the extra materials get recycled.

  • Quality Control

As these prefab buildings are constructed according to specific standards in a controlled environment, hence the uniform quality is guaranteed. Also, these buildings are inspected a number of times while under construction in the factory by experienced crew.

So if you are planning for a new home or office or any commercial building, go for the environment friendly, cost effective, energy efficient and well crafted prefab buildings.