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Whether it is a home, school or office prefab buildings have always been the first choice than traditional brick and mortar houses in South Africa. Construction of prefab buildings is done in a climate controlled factory setting, which eliminates the chances of environmental damage compared to conventional buildings. Modular parts of prefabricated buildings are manufactured with safety measures and careful inspection, which ensures a durable structure.

Wide use of Prefab Buildings is found popularly in some sectors of South Africa, such as:


  • Education Sector– schools, day care units and institutes.
  • Healthcare Sector– Hospitals and clinics.
  • Housing Sector-Park homes (which is a dream for every retiree to live in it on a serene location) and houses.
  • Hospitality & Retail Sector– High end hotels, banks and offices.

Why to consider prefab buildings?

  1. Fast and Efficient Execution:

Conventional construction process generally takes months to get completed, whereas prefab buildings are quicker to build. It is hassle free and easy in assembling the prefabricated parts of prefab buildings on your desired plot, which will give you a comfortable living space.

  1. Suitably Customizable:

You will get an exact model as per your requirement with prefab buildings. Whether you plan to build an office, school or home, prefab buildings offers the flexibility of getting a perfect structure with all essential features to suit your purpose.

  1. Energy Efficient:

Prefab buildings are generally constructed with highly insulated segments as well as can suitably accommodate alternative energy sources from solar panels to hydro power that results in energy efficient space and helps in getting renewable energy.


4. Assurance of Quality:

Segments of prefab buildings are manufactured under strict supervision and quality control environment as well as uses high quality materials, which ensures the longevity of such buildings.

Manufacturer of Prefab Buildings in South Africa:

Durable prefab buildings by AFRIPANELS are widely used as park homes, mine camps, schools and offices. We are one of the leading and best manufacturers of custom prefab buildings in South Africa. Our prefab buildings can be manufactured in African style (small buildings with mono slope roof) and traditional style (very large building structure with lightweight trusses. We specialize in building any kind of prefab buildings as per your requirement with a guarantee of quality.

Contact us today at +27 (0) 11 979 1885 or send an email to info@afripanels.co.za.