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Modern improvements and advances in South Africa’s building construction have included the wide use of steel structures in building construction. Most designers and architects are highly recommending steel structures for construction sector. Whether it is a single storey industrial building or multi-storey residential building, steel structures are widely used South Africa’s bustling construction sector. Being one of the most sustainable and recycled construction material, steel never lose its quality and proves to be long term investment while building a steel structure.

Some of the compelling benefits of steel structure construction:


Fast Construction Process:

Predictability and accuracy of steel components helps in speeding up the construction process, which helps in saving the time compared to building concrete frames. Speedy erection of steel structures will reduce disruption to nearby buildings and roads as well as proves to be money saving.

2, Assurance of Quality:

Steel structures are highly demanded by most people in South Africa for getting a stable and durable building or home. Most high quality construction projects such as shopping centers and commercial developments have found steel structures as one of the best sustainable solution.

  1. Durability and Strength:

Considered to be highly durable, steel structures do not easily get damaged or decay compared to other construction materials, as well as requires less maintenance and refurbishment. The flexibility of steel structures offers opportunity to suitably accommodating future changes or extensions that is effectively executed with minimal disruption and cost.

  1. Safety:

With pre-fabricated panels and components steel structures can be rapidly assembled on-site by skilled professionals to ensure a well built and safe establishment. Steel is considered to be an inherently safe construction material, which offers optimum level of safety by being fire, corrosion and withering resistant.

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Competent Manufacturer of Steel Structures in South Africa:

Afripanels manufactures top quality steel structures having great strength and perfection to fit your construction requirements. We manufacture wide variety for steel structures such as like bull noses, insulated roofs, walls & doors and shutter doors, which is supervised by an expert erection team.

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