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For every building owner, builders and developers in South Africa, cost-efficiency is the primary concern. Generally there are two different types of costs that need to be weighed before any project, such as:

  • First-Time Costs- these are the expenses that you will be paying once as per the design and construction of your building.
  • Lifetime Costs- These types of costs is for building maintenance like utility expenses, repairs and replacement.

It is found that steel buildings are more cost-efficient in both categories. One of the extremely popular construction materials, steel is commonly used for commercial, industrial and residential building. Steel is easily recyclable, resistant to adverse weather and easy to maintain, which makes it the most desirable construction material in today’s economical and fast=paced world.

Let us discuss about some top reasons that will drive you in considering steel buildings for your net project:

#Reason 1- Prove to be Cost-Effective:

No doubt, money is the first thing, when you consider building material or construction work. Including steel buildings in your next construction project will prove to be a cost-effective one. You will successfully make an affordable move by considering steel building as all its components are pre-fabricated, which will reduce high labor costs and cut down expensive on-site construction work. This makes the construction of metal buildings quick and easy with assurance of low maintenance cost down the road.

#Reason 2- Fast Construction Speed:

All components of a steel or metal building are prefabricated and thoroughly inspected for quality control and assurance. Once arriving at your site in form of prefabricated panels, these can be easily assembled in a quick and efficient way to create a comfortable and modern living space. It is has been proved that pre-engineered steel buildings can be constructed 30- 50 percent faster than the buildings constructed from any other materials, at a fraction of cost. This assures in saving your money and time.

#Reason 3- Offers High Level of Durability:

Steel building built as per rules and regulations of South Africa’s specific area will survive the harshest conditions. Whether it is a nasty weather condition, termites, fire or natural disaster, steel will hold itself strong. No issues of wrapping or bending will be found to weaken the structural integrity of your building.

Considering custom built steel structures by Afripanels will help you enjoy great benefits like superior insulation, environmentally friendly aspect, design flexibility and affordable solution. We are one of the leading and trustworthy steel building manufacturers in South Africa that gives first priority to quality, structural strength and customer’s requirement.

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