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Are you looking to buy an affordable and attractive retirement living space? Ave you ever thought of life in a park home? Purchasing this type of home proves to be the perfect retirement property as it offers great value for money benefits like low on maintenance and affordable living. These homes offer a high quality and comfortable accommodation that will allow you to enjoy a refreshing lifestyle that will take you away from the hustle and bustle of urban living.

This type of home is also known as a detached bungalow-style home, which gives you the freedom of living in tranquil surroundings. Visually the detached bungalow-style home does not look much different to a conventional home. This type of home proves to be a luxurious living space, which comes with well equipped integrated appliances, storage units and luxurious or modern interior, which will offer all the comfort. Constructed in a durable way, the  detached bungalow-style home will be easy to look after or maintain.

Here are some of the great benefits that will make you aware about owning a park or detached bungalow-style home:

1- Proves to be Budget-Friendly:

Compared to a conventional house, the residential park or detached bungalow-style home will prove to be economical. The cost of purchasing this type of residential home will prove to be significantly lower than purchasing an equivalent size of a traditional home. As a great value for money, you can own this type of ownership and enjoy the freedom of staying in picturesque or desired type of location.

2- Assurance of Safety and Security:

This type of detached bungalow-style home offer an increased level of security and safety, which will provide a great peace of mind to people in their senior years. With this type of home, you will get an opportunity to stay in a safe community, which has neighbors who will look out for each other.

3- Requires Low Maintenance:

Compared to the conventional homes or traditional properties, the detached bungalow-style home will require a very little maintenance. Designed with an intelligent construction and careful choice of modern materials, this type of residential home are free from expensive repairs; this proves to a great advantage for the older individuals (who do not want to bear the hassle of regular home maintenance).

4- Energy Efficient Properties:

The best thing about this type of residential home is- it can be constructed with energy efficient solutions. This results in providing you with lower monthly bills and offer you the comfort of a warm and welcoming living space.

You can buy a well built and affordable park home from Afripanels that will offer the best solutions of enjoying a luxurious and comfortable living environment. We are one of the leading park and prefab home manufacturers in South Africa. As per your requirement and budget, we will build a desired type of detached bungalow-style home that will prove to be cost-effective, time and money saving.

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