Prefabs has been rising these days. It’s been used for high rise apartments in major cities like NYC, Washington DC for hotels, hospitals and homes around the world. Total 98% pf contractors, 98% of architects and 99% of engineers use prefabs and modular buildings procedures.

Why Prefabricated Buildings Have The Surge In Popularity –

1. Less Build Time –

With prefabs construction, the foundation and the building can be built simultaneously. Factory based pre-fabrication also speeds up the whole process, while giving modular construction an average of 20 to 30% time savings on traditional construction.

2. Improved Cost Savings –

Modular construction can cut down costs by 20 to 30%. After all, less build time can save more money on overall construction; which implies minimal labor costs as prefabs construction utilizes more factory workers and less individual tradesmen like electricians and plumbers.

3. No Weather Related Construction Hazards –

Construction workers work inside; which enables them to work throughout a year, no matter whatever the condition of weather. Obviously the building materials will be kept in cleaner outdoors; where they are protected against outside elements.

4. Perfect Alternative To Difficult Sites –

Just imagine building a hospital in the winter! A construction using typical construction can span several reasons. However, modular indoor construction and quick on-site erection make it a great option for projects that needs you to work in harsh climates and hard to get to sites.

5. Limited Site Disruption –

The obvious factor that make prefabricated houses work well for difficult environments can also be the assets when constructing projects on site where it’s necessary to keep business or activity flowing. Hence, without interruption in work activities, your prefabs can be constructed perfectly.

6. Minimal Pollution –

Though materials are to delivered to the factory, modular construction includes fewer trucks at the site of construction. Fewer number of vehicles means less air and noise pollution.

7. Less Waste –

Off site modular construction can give rise to less waste and often make it simpler to use lean manufacturing procedures and environmental principles during construction. Other than that, prefab construction materials – starting from packaging to steel – are quite easier to recycle as they haven’t been exposed to other elements.

8. Beautiful Ambience –

Even if modular buildings are constructed off site without offering any impact on your business activities or the environment you work in, but the prefabs look more beautiful.

Conclusion –

Using pre-engineered or prefabricated buildings provides handful advantages over other building materials. If you want to do it on your own way, then you can go for customization. When it comes to customization, speed of construction, minimal maintenance and quality construction, nothing beats prefabricated buildings at Afri Panel. We will help you planning the prefabs you want to build and will deliver the same as soon as possible within budget!

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