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When it comes to make an addition to your home, most people initially think of hiring a contractor to start the lengthy process of building that addition. Though you must want to add any addition to your home crafted with same care just like the initial construction. But now there is an option that is growing in popularity amongst homeowners – steel structure buildings.

Steel structure buildings and modular houses have become the new innovation in the industrial and residential industry and the same attributes make them work for a new home and business. If you are looking to add to your home or need some additional space on your property, here are a few reasons to consider steel structures:


The Best Reasons to Purchase Steel Structure Buildings –

1. Custom Style and Design –

Many people might have a perception that a modular or prefab house can not offer customization options; but now-a-days there are many companies offering a wide array of structures best suiting  any need and taste. Depending upon the size and purpose of your steel building, you should not consider a time consuming process for any traditional construction instead invest on steel structure buildings.

2. Strength –

Steel is considered as one of the strongest building materials available these days. Keep in mind that every steel structure is manufactured to rigid standards to ensure durability and safety. Due to their standard construction, they are also impermeable to termites, insects and other pests that makes them ideal alternative to residential constructions of all kind. In addition to steel is much lighter than wood, concrete and other traditional components, a metal building can be built quite taller and larger than a traditional structure, with minimal pressure on the foundation of your home.

3. Fast and Reliable –

Choosing a steel structure building can eliminate many of the design and site construction related hurdles that normally a conventional construction faces. Without any need for design or architectural drawings, and waste materials, a modular building can be placed days or weeks after your purchase, rather than months.


4. Cost Effective –

Once you’ve purchased your new steel structure building, there will be no additional costs. They are incredibly resistant to harsh weather and hence, the maintenance costs will be less throughout the lifetime of your building.

Conclusion –

AFRIPANEL is a reliable name in modular building industry specializing in customized prefabricated houses best suiting client’s needs and preferences. Our factory design feasible steel structures are prefabricated, prime coated and final coated before dispatch ensuring safety, quality and structural strength. With a team of qualified designers, engineers, welders and boiler makers, we manufacture superb quality steel structures at competitive prices. For making the affordable purchase of our steel structure buildings, please make a visit to our website today and feel free to get in touch with us online! Rest assured that you won’t have any regret after buying our custom made steel structure buildings for your needs!

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