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Do you want to buy assembled park homes? Do you know that modular park homes use the same durable and reliable materials like site-built homes? With the additional benefits of a building process that is precisely controlled from beginning to end, choosing a park home is truly a smart decision. you’ll feel confident that these homes can provide you with highest quality designs and materials.

Here are just a few best reasons of buying a factory-built park home from a reliable manufacturer:

1. Efficiency – Though pre-manufactured homes are built undercover, the building process won’t stop in any weather. After the completion, the professionals will deliver you and need less time to relocate it.

2. Less Impact – You must be aware of all the inconvenience, noise and dust that come when a new home is built in the neighborhood – sometimes building home takes up to 12 months. With factory-built park homes for sale, the lives of you and your neighbors won’t be disrupted for long. However, in a commercial or government setting, when the site is being utilized for other business, a new building can offer a negative impact on clients and employees. But there’s nothing with pre-manufactured park homes.

3. Quality Construction – Though the modular or prefab homes are built quickly, you don’t have compromise on the quality of the product. These homes are usually built in a climate controlled, state-of-the-art facility with multiple inspection points ensuring quality control.

4. Great Value for Money – On top of quality and speed, you should add cost saving and certainty to the list. When you invest in prefabricated homes, you are choosing to build with materials that are assembled on an efficient factory line. This entire process can make sure that everything is catered to fit your exact requirements, eliminating waste products.

5. Custom Design Options – Park homes exceed the choice. Whether you’re looking for a home with three to four bedrooms, an open concept home or a home with a perfect combo of the living room and family room, you’ll get plentiful choices to choose from for your needs.

Conclusion –

Even if you’re looking for a cost effective, energy efficient or a customizable home that can be delivered within a short time span, come and see the difference on the collection of factory-built park homes at AFRIPANEL and get custom design options as well as necessary help from our in-house color and décor selection consultants. Please feel free to schedule your visit to our factory to see our manufacturing process today!

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