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Park homes are modern bungalow-style housing properties typically located on private estates. Nature and location of parks are normally quiet, restful and peaceful. Park homes are the ideal economical solution for both first time buyers, retired couples and people who have to depend upon a small budget or fixed income. Parks are very low in maintenance, energy efficient properties and can be much easy to look after. These accommodations are inexpensive to own with the latest models containing eco-friendly equipment’s and appliances. Earlier it had a very low market but a tremendous improvement can be seen today with the growing time and popularity of park home. There are a number of reasons why park home living might be better for you.

Park Homes - Modular Building

Flexible design-

Construction of park house has based on an appropriate flexible design, layout and size. It may usually have one or more bedrooms, sitting rooms, dining areas, fully fitted furnished kitchen and bathrooms. Most have manageable gardens and plenty of parking spaces and garages. Park home also include services like water, electricity, gas, telephone, drains and sewerage and can prove to be the best advantage to stay.

Low Maintenance-

Park home accommodations are single-storey buildings and are very easy to maintain with a little maintenance. However, it may need some regular maintenance check over pipe line and gas appliances. The construction of park home include most modern materials , innovative design and construction techniques that last for a long and may require low maintenance cost. Appliances used in park homes are available in nearest retailers and are less in cost. If there is a need to be replaced of any parts can be readily available in nearest market.

A park home lets you free-

Lifestyle in an urban area is so hectic, busy and people struggling to live with rush, crowd, vehicle and polluted environment that sometimes force us to spend some high quality time in a peaceful ambience. Home in urban area also involves a pretty amount of maintenance cost and may be with an unsecure environment and possibly overpopulated neighborhood community. Park home offer the opportunity of reducing this insecurity to a great extent and allow living peacefully in a natural environment.

South African Parks Homes

Park homes depreciate less-

People may believe that park homes depreciate in value in the same manner as holiday home or touring caravans. In fact, this is not true it may not be appreciated but it will not depreciate at all. An appropriately built and well maintained home, located on a good quality park will generally hold its value. The place and market demands can be a decisive factor for variation in value of a park home.

Allow to family member-

Some park homes may not be allowed to children but may be allowed for semi-retired or retired park home owners. Your grandchildren of course can have a stay or a visit for a few nights on these park homes. However there are also parks which accommodate just for families with children. The buyers can carefully confirm every aspect with the park home owners before getting a new home.

Resale value-

Whenever there is an urgency of resale a park home for any cause you can do so by selling it privately or by hiring an estate agent through the park owner. You must let your park owner clearly know about your selling intention and the price you have in your mind. The park owner may legally entitle to a commission that may be up to ten percent on the overall sale price of the home. The commission ensures that the park continues to be well maintained and all fees stay as low as it can.

Park Homes & Buildings

Park home design is more energy efficient with better sound insulation, comfortable and cheaper to run. Buying your park house can be a very easy and simple process if you have the guidance of a good park owner or manager to assist you. Many manufacturers now make specially adapted park homes for a fantastic lifestyle choice. At AFRIPANEL PARKS HOME we try to provide a complete insulated construction solution to our customers. We produce model building solutions that fit to an efficient construction of a good looking building. People like to book a viewing or want more information about any of the homes for please do not hesitate to contact us on our number<+27 (0) 11 979 1885> or mail us at <info@afripanels.co.za>

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