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There is not be any surprise that Prefab Buildings became very much popular not only in Africa but, also in most part of the World. Prefab Houses are more cost-effective than traditional houses and can be tremendously resourceful and versatile to meet a wide range of residential and commercial need. Sturdiness, customization, the swiftness of construction, low cost for labor, maintenance, and insurance or whatever, nothing can beat a Prefab Buildings or the house. Using prefabricated or pre-engineered steel buildings provide so many advantages. Here are just a few reasons why going Prefab Houses gain fame in the construction industry.


Sturdy and Customizable

Park homes or mobile homes are now adopted by many all over the world, mainly because small size, easy to maintain, improve community spirit and moreover easy to build with strong chassis sheets which gives it an appearance of a modular well-furnished home. It also supports you to even assemble multiple units to give a complete colonial appearance. The metal roof panels, Wall panels, steel frames can be painted in an endless variety of colors or can be covered with stone or synthetic materials that look like natural bricks.  The interiors of Prefab Houses can be customized or designed for any use may be for the small office, amusement residence or accommodation with a big open space.Top line manufacturers create Park Homes with a better texture, quality, colors, shapes and also retain the strength steel.

Reliable and durable

Prefab Houses provide great strength without bulkiness.  Of course, the building made out of bricks or stone is strong, or the wood construction looks better, but Prefab Buildings created from steel can last for decades remaining useful during its entire life. It can withstand environmental extremes. Specialized steel coatings on the structures protect the surface of the metal from rust.

100% recycled

Steel can be recycled! A good portion of the steel used in the construction of Prefab Buildings today when dismantled or demolished has been recycled from other uses. In the future, the building you construct may be dismantled or demolished for a newer one. The steel comes out of dismantled home can be re-used elsewhere instead of occupying extra space near your area.


With today’s emphasis on being green, Prefab Houses or buildings made of steel are the best approaches available for creating green structures.  The steel used in it never release toxic fumes or pollution’s during the construction process, nor it has an impact on any disasters like fire, water or wind. Sustainable construction and the environmentally friendly building are easy to insulate and have tighter fittings around doors and windows. Cool roof design technology in Park Homes or Prefab Buildings also help to lower down the heating or cooling costs.

Efficient use of material to hold any load

Prefab Houses are designed and fabricated by top-class engineering work and advanced CAD/CAM software. This can help not only to maintain the appropriate strength-to-weight ratios and minimize the raw materials that are steels but also to decrease the amount of waste material substantially. Truly speaking, steel has the maximum potency to load than any metal, perhaps more than 25 times than wood.  The frame may be lighter, but designed with technology can translate into a more cost-effective foundation and the ability to load other materials over it.



Commercial contractors and residential home builders now a day’s show their interest in adapting Prefab Buildings for various projects. Afripanels is a reputed and certified manufacturer famed for providing a wide range of modular steel building of various styles and design to suit customers’ requirements and different projects.If you need any assistance or advice in deciding for a Prefab Building get in touch with our friendly team by calling at +27 (0) 11 979 1885 or email:info@afripanels.co.za

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