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Prefabricated houses are constructed by assembling various components of a house that are prefabricated in a factory at the construction site. Prefabricated house possess a numerous benefits making them popular today among home buyers. Few of those benefits are as follows:


Faster and easier construction:

Prefabs take much lesser time to get constructed than the traditional homes as these are built in enclosed spaces in a factory using machines. Unlike traditional homes while constructing a prefab requires less manpower. Also the delays due to environmental factors like storms, extreme heat/cold etc. is not inevitable in case of prefabs.


Since prefab homes are built in factories, they are manufactured under strict norms using cutting edge technologies making them more sustainable and eco friendly than the traditional constructed houses.

Cost Effectiveness:

Prefab homes are a cost effective option over the conventional homes. The prefabrication manufacturers receive a bulk discount on materials which in turn lessens the construction costs. Also the reduction in construction time significantly saves on the financing costs.



As the sub-assemblies are manufactured within the factory-controlled environment these are less prone to moisture, environmental hazards and dirt related problems. An indoor construction environment presents considerably lesser accident and other liabilities risks.

Eco- Friendly:

Unlike traditional houses, the sub assemblies of prefabs are built in factory which helps in recycling of extra materials which lessens the wastage of materials. Also the accurate construction, tighter joints and better air filtration allows for better wall insulation and an increase in energy efficiency. All these factors make prefabs an eco friendly or green housing option.

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The popularity of prefabs is growing day by day and it will be growing in the near future as well. If you are looking for prefabricated building solutions in South Africa then Afripanels can help you.

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