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Prefabricated steel structures are getting popular day by day due to various obvious reasons. Steel structures are being used in building industrial, residential, multi-storey building carcasses, towers and masts and much more.


Benefits of Steel Structures:


Steel structures are a combination of strength, durability, precision and flexibility providing broader parameters to explore and develop better construction solutions.

Faster and Efficient Construction

Assembling steels is easy and efficient hence offers faster construction. A whole steel frame can be manufactured within a matter of few days rather than weeks which in turn leads to reduction in construction time in comparison to on-site constructions.


Accessibility and Adaptability

Making changes within the structure for creating new interior layouts based on various needs and space usage is easier with steel structures by just repositioning the walls. And the steel floor systems and framing allows easy access and modifications to existing electrical wirings, networking cables, and other communication systems.


The components of the steel structured buildings when demolished can be reused by recycling them with industry’s closed loop recycling system for melt down and repurposing.

Fire Resistant

Advanced design and analysis techniques allow specific conditions of fire protection requirements of steel structured buildings making these fire resistant.

More Space with lesser usage of material

Steels beams are around half of that of the timber beams hence offering greater usable space, lesser material and hence lower cost!



Due to various benefits over other Prefabricated building options, steel structures have gained a tremendous amount of popularity today. Are you planning to get a steel structure home and looking for reliable and reputed steel structure manufacturers in South Africa? Afripanel is there to help you.

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