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A mobile park home is an excellent place to call home! You can enjoy all the advantages of conventional home-ownership without the additional burden of irksome maintenance & excess property taxes. Mobile park home living is turning out to be a top option for our aging population & for good reason. Listed below are the top 3 advantages of park home living for the seniors or aging parents:


1. Peace, privacy, and comfort:

Peace & quiet – it is what we all wish, right? In a park home community, seniors will have the chance to enjoy residing on their lot with a home that gives them adequate privacy. Not just that but because their neighbors will be similar individuals, your aging parents can expect a soothing ambiance. No needlessly kids playing around or romping through the garden, and no ear-deafening parties to lose sleep over late night. With its calm and soothing ambiance, a park home community offers a feature that’s very much needed for senior living.


2. A place to call home:

If downsizing & decreasing the burden of account abilities your parents feel as home owners are indispensable to you, a park home is perhaps your best bet. New park home construction usually avails with a warranty that protects against major faults & effects for years after occupants arrive. Park homes provide adequate options for individual touches as well, so it’s easy to transform a home into a sanctuary. These convenient accommodations are easier to take care of and need less overall maintenance. That leaves more time for your aging parents for exploring their hobbies & local activities.

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3. The security that comes from a secure place to live:

Park home communities, set apart from close by towns or villages, also offer a reasonable degree of security for their occupants. Not just is everybody in the same age group, but the ambiance can lend itself to safety in numbers. Attentive occupants are more expected to report distrustful activity to the authorities and the whole community cares about maintaining its atmosphere. When the hustle & bustle of city life have eventually lost its charm, shifting your aging parents to a park home where they’ll feel secure & happy is an excellent idea. They will certainly enjoy living in a home constructed with care, enclosed by co-operative neighbors and placed in natural surroundings.


At Afri Panels, we specialize in building prefab homes that offers seniors an exciting opportunity to find a second dream home that allows them to focus on doing what they want in life. Call us now to talk about your park home needs, so that we can customize the dream home for your aging parents.

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