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In case you are thinking about options to conventional buildings, there are two principle choices: modular houses or kit homes. Keeping in mind that both use off-site development strategies, they are very different in the manner in which they are valued, conveyed, and introduced. As you read through you understand why you need to have modular building from us at AFRIPANEL.


The reasons that our modular house service stand apart

Many such organizations offer you such housing solutions. Our modular building solution stand apart due to the reasons noted below.

Customization: Our factory manufactures modular houses, design and offer turnkey building solutions. We tailor our product and solutions for quick and efficient construction and aesthetically good-looking buildings.

Energy efficiency: All modular building of ours is energy efficient, supplied in a kit form and mostly flat packed and assembled on site. You can depend on our modular house service to provide you an alternative to have best of energy efficiency at your house.


The affordable alternative: When contrasting the cost of our modular houses and kit homes from others, it is essential to take a gander at the general expense of the undertaking. While kit homes are frequently accessible at a lower price tag, you are paying for the house itself. This implies you should designate additional cash from your financial plan to take care of the extra costs required to get your home to a point where you can move in. This can incorporate on-site establishment, association with other services and interior fittings.

The value you pay for modular building of ours incorporates a large portion of what you will have to get your home from idea to handover. The incorporations list is broad and spreads everything from your permit and on location establishment to your floor covers and paint. You will have an unmistakable picture from the beginning about the aggregate expense of your venture, without the stress of additional costs flying up.

South African Parks Homes

We also offer a full off grid solution. That includes civil works; modular building structure and finishes, plumbing, electrical, water collection and storage, Solar power, solar water heating and Gas water heating are all available. Standard buildings designs are available as well as custom buildings to suit the clients own specific taste.

Use as you wish: Our modular houses are ideal for mining camps, schools, clinics, offices, accommodation units, and for the low cost housing sector.

So, contact us at AFRIPANEL dialing +27 (0) 11 979 1885, so we may assess your requirements and create a custom solution and quotation.

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