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Park home also known as mobile homes often resemble a bungalow and offer a peaceful and contented life after retirement. Many retired older couples and individuals who seek an undisturbed life, opt park homes as their perfect retirement home. Are you looking to buy your first ever park home? Then there are few things that you need to look out for and be aware when searching your perfect retirement home.


First and foremost thing is that you must make a visit to your nearest park home or holiday home so that you will gain an insight regarding the various styles of homes available in the market. Also you will get a good idea of the layouts and models and speak to some of the park homes manufacturers or owners regarding the purchase of your new park home. One thing you need to be aware of here is the price quoted on the park homes manufacturer’s stand is the cost quoted for the owner and does not reflect the total cost of the home for you.


Secondly, if you have decided to make park home your permanent residence then make sure that the park on which the home is sited is properly licensed. And mind you, there are two different types of licenses available for parks one is holiday license and another is residential license. So you need to choose those park homes that are sited on fully residential licensed parks to make it your permanent residence.

Third and the most important thing that you must consider is that have a good check over the park home and take a good look round the exterior as well as interior for evaluating the general condition of the home such as checking if there are any signs of damp or damage, if the ventilation is good and likewise.


With such few wise considerations you will be able to find the right and ideal park homes to make your stay a peaceful and stress free one.


Afripanel is one of the most reliable and renowned park homes manufacturers in South Africa providing park homes that are pre-manufactured, assembled and commissioned in their factory.

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