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Architects are facing many challenges nowadays. Clients want well-designed houses, and they want the houses should be sturdy, functional, and visually attractive. Furthermore, the concept of building traditional houses is lowering down with the idea of modular or prefab houses.  It consists of modern solutions using innovative technologies and meets with the current trends as well.

The pre-fabricated modular house has a much more foreseeable, fixed price-tag in comparison with their traditional counterparts.  One can notice significant differences while comparing the old conventional houses constructed several years ago with the in-built modular or prefab houses nowadays. The modular or prefab houses now a day are backed by high-quality construction materials, innovative architectural techniques. It also reduces the number of different parties or contractors involved on-site, and drastically reduce errors, while keeping the costs to a minimum. It seems like the prime reason why people prefer to own the prefab houses most.

Time savings, investor’s comfort, energy efficiency, complying with environmental norms, and modern construction technologies are the basic features the homeowner wants before making their home. Modular or prefab houses are quick, comfortable, functional, and a perfect solution for a busy lifestyle. It became popular in most of the world. The technology consists of manufacturing components, like walls or roof panels, which are then delivered as semi-finished products and assembled on-site. The demand for modular or prefab houses has been increasing faster. It is mainly for those homeowners that don’t have any willing to wait years to have their dream house built!

The components of a prefab or modular house, including walls and ceilings, are created in a large production hall. Professional construction staffs, engineers work hard to speeds up the construction process significantly. Furthermore, the prefab or modular houses are constructed with the support of high-class production machinery, rigorous quality assessment ensuring the accuracy in the manufacturing process. It guarantees the quality, durability, and other essential aspects that always a homeowner expects. It will also attribute a great for the better budget and quality control. It is assumed that a prefab or modular house can be constructed in a raw state within one month from commencing the investment and finishing it within two to three months to enjoy our own, modern house.

Technologies are becoming increasingly popular! It leads to takes up very fewer days to manufacture the semi-finished components and up to 7 days to assemble them. It is a rapid pace is far lower than the construction of a traditional house that takes roughly around two years or even more. One more indisputable advantage of making modular or prefab houses is it can also produce in adverse weather conditions. The rain or snow does not affect its manufacturing process at all. Since most of the manufacturing processes are taken place in a plant, thus the on-site works are limited to the absolute minimum. Similarly, the assembling of such components is comfortable even in any adverse situations as well.


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