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Affordable housing has become an essential issue for millions of people. Young families no longer find affordable housing in many major cities! Retirees are forced out of their homes and neighborhoods where they have lived for decades. ! Houses in big city centers are also not affordable for normal people! The market demands new flexible living concepts and prefabricated houses are the best solutions to meet with such situation. It offers a real alternative to conventional building, and it is an ecological, sustainable modular solution for your housing problem!

Prefabricated houses are slowly making their base among many builders, construction companies, and industries and residential sectors. They are much more adopted commercially, industrially, and for residential purposes. The less production time, high flexibility in use and adaptability feature makes the prefabricated houses much more economical. They are sophisticated, architecturally high-quality, suitable for turnkey building projects.

Prefabricated houses are made of galvanized steel and take only a few weeks to manufacture at the factory and a few days to erect at the site as well. Reputed prefabricated house manufacturers carry out the planning together with clients to best capture client’s requirements. The experienced architects and engineers adapt the planning 100% to client’s needs irrespective of the design or structure or the size prefabricated houses. They implement their best design techniques, barrier-free living space designs precisely as per clients need. With this freedom in design, the prefabricated houses can easily integrate the modular buildings into every urban environment.

The future-oriented design of prefabricated houses provides clients with a wealth of advantages. The prefabricated house is finished modern homes fit aesthetically with its old fashioned counterparts. It meets with all the necessary requirements such as fire protection, sound insulation, and fundamental building physics. It also complies with all legal standards, regulations, and specifications, as mentioned by the local authority and industrial standard. Again the insulated prefabricated houses are more comfortable in adverse weather conditions and also useful for saving energy.

The prefabricated house is best known for its short construction time, highest quality, a mainly aesthetic appearance. It offers attractive purchase, financing, rental, and leasing models for the commercial and municipal sector. It also allows a high degree of flexibility in layouts. While deciding the ceilings and wall surfaces as well as the floor coverings client has free choice to do anything as per preference.

Prefabricated houses possess the good bearing ability and are complied with all the required standards that are necessary. They build with sustainable materials, and the house is designed to be energy efficient. If the owners wish, then it can quickly separated and moved to any new locations easily! The architects also made the designs user friendly.  Hence anyone can have their fast-assembled customized prefabricated home.  Hence they are ideally suited to construction buildings or in hard to access locations.

Afripanels is a leading name in manufacturing cost-effective and environment-friendly pre-fabricated houses. They work hard in meeting the different housing requirement of clients. They offer a wide range of prefabricated houses that are highly appreciated and demanded by clients worldwide! For more information or customized prefabricated home get in touch with them at +27 (0) 11 979 1885 or +27 (0) 11 396 2402 today!