A few years ago, you would have to search for a new home and now looking to buying a park home this year. Today- ­ the real estate market is tight. One such opportunity that has recently caught your attention is a mobile home or park homes. The real estate investments are comfortable and ideal to invest if you consider park homes. Times have changed, and nearly every property in the form of park homes will give a good deal. Your interest can also be peaked after interviewing several park home investors as well. There are several reasons why park homes are one of the best investments left in Africa.

park homes

What is a park home?

Park homes are a combination of different furnished structures installed on a private estate. They’re typically assembled offsite and then placed on land that is owned privately or by a local authority. When you purchase a park home, you own a furnished building that needs to install at a specific site. Park homes are cost-effective than their traditional counterparts made of metals, bricks-and-mortar, and mortars. Park homes can be built with all the features of traditional houses, and it looks like both inside and out.

What are the benefits of park home living?

  1. Park homes seem to be cheaper than traditional brick-built properties of similar size.
  2. Contemporary park homes built with the latest technology are virtually maintenance-free.
  3. Customized park homes can be well equipped and fully furnished.
  4. Most park home gardens are relatively manageable.
  5. Park homes are installed and discarded conveniently; hence homeowners will enjoy a quiet and independent lifestyle.

How big are the homes?

Park home tends you to discover a modern approach to affordable living where you will get a home of your design and size to create a home that is truly unique to meet your needs. From a single room to comprehensive homes with amenities, you will get the exact structure size you need! The maximum size of a park home can be 65ft long (19.5m) and 23ft wide (6.9m). Some homes are single units 10 or 12 feet or even 20 feet wide as well.

Are park homes energy-efficient?

People might think Park homes can be colder and are not as energy efficient as traditional bricks and mortar! This is not the case as people think. Park homes are just as warm and cozy. Park Homes built with the latest yet advanced technology. The improved insulation standard can maintain excellent room temperatures. Its window and door glazing achieve better U-values as well. All these factors put together to mean that less heat is lost, and homeowners will benefit from savings on heating their homes. Park homes are very well-insulated, and all manufacturers are continually looking at materials and systems to ensure maximum eco-friendliness and energy- efficiency.

How long will they last?

A custom-designed and well-built park home can last 70 to 80 years on average! With proper care, it will last even more hundred years as well. They also provide comfort and a secured standard of living as well. The park homes are built with high-grade structural materials and panels that make its life even longer. All new dwellings purchased on one of our parks are built to meet or exceed residential standards and come with a warranty as well

Why people prefer park home

Park homes are constructed under careful observation in controlled workshop conditions. Those are transported to the park they’re going to sit on. It is made of typically insulated panels, which is then mounted on a robust steel chassis. It means they’re particularly durable and weatherproof. Modern park homes have so many features and are suitable to be used as a permanent residence. They are more energy efficient with better soundproofing facility, hence are more practical and cheaper to run and less maintenance as well. It can be an affordable option for people who want to settle into a peaceful and friendly community where they feel safe and secure.

Afripanel is Africa’s most significant prefabricated buildings, and park home producers provide a cost-effective way to meet your housing needs rapidly. It may be for homes, schools, clinics, and site offices and all of their park homes can be comfortable to stay in.