More and more people these days are taking a second look at the prospective of prefab houses. When it’s about affordable prefab houses, there is no need to settle for less than the best. Unlike a conventional home building, prefab can be beautiful, affordable, and as personal as your own fingerprint. With the typical abode, you’ve to pick 2 out of 3 – at best. With prefab, you never need to compromise yourself again.

Now let’s have a look at the most important purchasing criteria for any & all prefab buildings.

A leak-proof, weather-resistant outer envelope:

Water damage is perhaps one of the biggest contributors to structural issues over time. And it is not always clear: humidity can seep into a building’s structure & slowly wear away the walls or even the base. The outer envelope of a building is the key to defying this; it should be secure, solid, and free of high-stress areas that could distort gradually & provoke leakage.

A solid structure with replaceable materials:

Be it traditional home or prefab homes, some basics of solid construction remain the same. A solid structure must be bottom-heavy and top-light to survive strain over the years. Similarly, it must depend on lightweight, replaceable materials – preferably from renewable sources.

Green & solar-friendly construction:

A great number of individuals are looking to buy a new house because they wish to relish the advantages of solar power. To make the most of solar power & decrease power bills – or even be eligible for buybacks when you produce excessive voltage – your building must be structured to improve panel competence. Not just that, but going green is great for our neighbors, our kids, and our environment as well.

Money-saving features for the long run:

Low upfront prices are always enviable, but what happens in 3, 5, or ten years when you wish to restore? With the standard house, costly projects – such as wall removal – might add big to your cost of ownership. Therefore, your prefab house must be more adaptable, nimble, and most importantly affordable.

Reviews & Testimonials:

When you buy something important, there’re specific basics that you must check out. One of those is reviews and testimonials from previous customers. A reliable firm shouldn’t be hesitant to put you in contact with happy clients & show you precisely what others obtained for their investment.

Here at Afri Panel, we specialize in manufacturing innovative and energy-efficient prefab houses for our valued customers. Delivering your tailor-made modular home at a pocket-friendly price is our top priority. All buildings are pre-manufactured at our factory in Kempton Park, South Africa. We guarantee custom made quality buildings to suit your specific requirements.