Steel is becoming a quality material for construction projects. The durability and flexibility of steel structures make it an ideal alternative for building projects. They are used for a great array of constructions including commercial, agricultural and industrial projects.

Steel structures can be used in every step of the building process – from framing, roofing to floor joints. There are so many reasons why contractors, engineers and building owners should use steel structures in their construction projects and some of them are discussed below:

Design Flexibility –

More often construction engineers and architects always prefer customizing texture and shape for construction projects best suiting client’s requirements and preferences. These structures have greater level of durability, strength, precision and beauty that allow architects and builders to explore unique ideas and deliver new solutions for different construction projects.

Quicker Construction –

Steel structures are manufactured offsite and can be transported effortlessly and efficiently. This means, it requires less on-site labor. The steel structure construction is backed by CAD design work and expert engineering supervision in the state-of-the-art factory. The material is of light weight while ensuring small and simple foundation.

Accessibility and Adaptability –

The steel structures are highly adaptable in nature. If you want to make some modifications, you can do it quickly. They have higher level of potential for alterations to be made over time.

These structures are much lighter than any other construction materials available and require less extensive foundations. Because of their light weight, they can be lifted and moved around easily. As a result, it will help you reduce transportation and fuel costs significantly.

Open Space –

Are you looking for a way to get large, column-free interior spaces? If yes, then consider investing in steel made structures. They are made with expert architectural design and engineering that will help you achieve less number of columns in a construction building. However, you can subdivide and customize the interior spaces easily.

Eco-Friendly Alternative –

Steel is an easily recyclable material. It won’t lose any of its properties easily. The demolition of structural steel building brings in less pollution than their counterparts. All the components and parts of buildings can be recycled and reused for further.

Resistant –

Structural steel buildings are highly flexible and pliable. They provide protection against earthquake, fire and fire. These structures are able to hold the flexes of heavy loads rather than crushing or crumbling. They have considerable ability to handle lateral loads caused by wind.

Functionality –

Most expert engineers, architects and builders use steel for framing to achieve unique shapes and designs. Their aesthetic qualities complement functional conditions like its dimensional stability over time.

They have spanning ability, endless recyclability and quick assembling time. All of them make these structures highly functional and accessible options to be used in construction industries.

Bottom Line –

Afripanel is a premier name in the South Africa pre-fabricated building industry, providing factory-designed and engineered steel structures best matching construction projects. Our steel structures are prefabricated, prime and final coated before their construction. For more information about our structures, feel free to contact us at +27 (0) 81 401 5088 or +27 (0) 82 897 8066.