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Structural steels are a category of steel employed as a construction material to make structural shapes, and as a renowned supplier of steel structures in South Africa, we at Afripanel can handle all your steel structure needs. Today you can see the use of steel in residential construction for the following reasons:

Quick, efficient, and resourceful:

Steel is quick and efficient to assemble in all seasons. Components are pre-manufactured off-site with negligible on-site labor. An entire frame can be erected in a matter of days instead of weeks, with an equivalent of 20 to forty percent cutback in construction time compared to on-site construction. For single dwellings or more complicated sites, steel usually lets less points of contact with the earth, decreasing the amount of excavation needed. The lighter weight of structural steel compared to other framing materials, make foundation simpler. And these efficiencies certainly result in accelerated project schedules, decreased site management costs, and an earlier return on investment.

Less columns mean more open space:

Steel sections offer an elegant, affordable method of spanning long distances. Extended steel spans can easily provide large, open plan, and column-free internal spaces. Steel structures are usually more adaptable, with greater possibility for alternations to be done over time, extending the lifespan of the structure.

More usable space means less material:

The ability of steel to maximize space & internal thickness with the thinnest shell feasible means thinner, smaller structural elements are gettable. Steel beam depths are about half of the timber beams, proffering greater usable space, fewer materials, and lower costs in comparison to other materials. Wall widths can be thinner since steel’s strength & superb spanning ability means there is no need to construct solid, space-consuming brick walls. This can be especially useful for heavily constrained sites, where steel’s space-saving properties can be the key to conquering spatial challenges.

Less impact on the environment:

Steel structures can be dramatically lighter compared to concrete and need less extensive foundation, decreasing the environmental impact of the build. If needed, steel pile foundations can be extracted & recycled or reused at the end of a building’s lifespan, leaving no junk material on site. Also, steel is energy efficient, as heat emits fast from steel roofing, offering a cooler environment in hot climate regions. Conversely, in cold climate regions, double steel panel walls can be well insulated to better contain heat.

Here at Afripanel, we specialized in manufacturing and supplying prefabricated steel structures of various styles & designs best suiting clients’ requirements and preferences. Our team of certified engineers, designers, welders, and boilermakers work collectively to produce steel structures that are the best in quality.