Spring is around the corner and that means the climate is only going to get warmer. Nobody wishes to be baking in their building all spring & summer long. So, the question here is: how do prefab steel buildings remain cool as the temperature increases?

There’re many steps can be taken to make sure your prefab steel building will hold a comfortable temperature throughout the year – even during the hottest days of the year. Some of these options are easy to execute, whereas some may take a little effort and time to put into effect.

Window fans:

This is only applicable if your building has windows. Installing window fans is an excellent way to bring in cooler air while throwing out hot air that may be festering in your building.


Insulation is an important component when it comes to temperature control. Efficient insulation controls the temperature in your building & helps to keep it stable. You can use it in conjunction with air conditioning to keep your steel building cool.

Cool coating:

You can apply a lighter color paint to your building’s exterior. This’ll reflect the light of the sun instead of absorbing it, which in result stop heating from hoarding inside of your structure or in the walls.

Erect your building in a shaded spot:

Keep in mind the position of sun when looking to erect a new prefab steel building. It’d be great if you can erect your building in a site where it won’t be exposed to direct sunlight.

Be careful of your window positioning & steer clear of placing windows directly in the path of the sun.

Use awnings:

You can also consider installing awnings to protect your windows from direct sunlight. Combined with insulation, air conditioning, window fans or an amalgamation of these cool-down techniques, your awnings will offer protection that’ll keep your building’s temperature from increasing.

Make use of LED lights:

LED lights don’t burn as hot as fluorescent or incandescent light bulbs. The less heat released, the cooler your steel building will be. It won’t do the trick all on its own, but this is an affordable and energy efficient way to reduce the overall temperature inside your building.

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