Modular houses are one of the fastest growing segments of the construction industry. Unlike stick homes, the modular house market actually increased during the housing decline between 1992 and 2002. In fact prefab home purchases increased by 48 percent while conventional houses fell. 

Before buying modular houses, here are a few facts that you want to know:

Modular houses are prefab houses:

You’ll sometimes hear the word prefab house while researching about modular houses. Prefab homes means part of the house or all of the house was fabricated off-site and then shipped to the actual site. Modular and prefab homes aren’t switchable words. In the industry, the term Modular homes usually refers to the house being completely pre-made, instead of prefabricated house made in parts or sections. 

Modular houses are sometimes cheaper compared to conventionally built homes:

There’re several elements & reasons that can make a modular house less costly compared to a conventionally built home. 

  • No architect fee since they’re pre-designed. Modular house plans are generally pre-designed & ready for the changes that you wish to bring to it to customize it. 
  • Often comes with lower permit fees – You still have to get permits for your house, but they’re likely to be lower when buying a modular house. 
  • Labour charges are significantly lower since there’s less time building on site exposed to weather conditions that can prompt delays & additional charges.
  • No general contractor fee – No general contractor is require on site while buying a modular house. All examinations are conducted in the factor setting.  
  • No dumpster fees – Very little amount of waste is generated with pre-assembled modules. 

Many cities permit for modular houses in the backyard:

Cities across the United State of America vary their rules concerning modular houses in their backyards. Check with your city or municipality to ensure that you’re fulfilling your specific area regulations.  

Modular houses can be a great source of income in the form of AIRBNB:

Airbnb has grown to become an exceedingly money-making & competitive force in the hospitality industry. Many home owners these days rent out part of their house or provide the total house for rent on the popular website. Modular houses make excellent income properties since they’re likely to be less expensive to own & maintain than conventional houses but can reap the same rental incomes. 

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