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Wood has been the first choice of material for the construction of homes & many other type of structures for several years. The huge availability, self-replenishing nature and simplicity of use are the main reason behind this phenomenon. However, with today’s modern manufacturing infrastructure, and the scarcity of wood are creating a new trend in the commercial and domestic construction industry.

Steel Structures

Today, steel structures are quickly becoming the material of choice for the majority of large construction contractors. When properly treated steel is more durable than wood. It’s not considerably bulkier than wood, and it doesn’t need the diminution of our woodlands to use for making buildings.

In 2002 the U.S. Department of Housing started a research where they constructed one steel frame house alongside a house constructed with conventional wood materials. In the short term, the steel building cost fourteen percent more to build than the wood house. However, over the next few years, the cost to own & maintained steel structure was drastically lower.

Since then, manufacturing process have evolved significantly to close the cost gap of steel to wood, making steel the clear winner at every point in the life of a home.

Characteristically, steel is more defiant to natural disasters, such as floods, fires and hurricanes. Steel is impermeable to the damage caused by mold& dreaded termite which causes millions of dollars to damage to real estate every year.

Above all, steel construction poses very little threat to our environment as forests and trees don’t need to be cut down to support this kind of construction. Steel is completely eco-friendly as it doesn’t produce poisonous gases, unlike concrete, during the construction process.

Steel Structures

The tight fittings & leakage free windows and doors in a prefab steel building make it excellent for insulation& air-conditioning. And this eventually result in decreased utility costs, making the building more sustainable.

For these reasons, steel is quickly becoming the first preference for many development organizations.

Afripanel is your go-to manufacture if you are looking for well-engineered prefab steel structures. Our prefabricated steel structures have a wide range of advantages over the conventional building process. With high durability because of the use of structural steel and the flexibility of construction make it a great alternative to the traditional building process.

We have a team of certified engineers, designers, welders and boilermakers to manufacture the most sustainable steel structure for your needs. We can design prefab steel structures as per our client’s requirements or we can manufacture as per our clients approved engineer drawings.