Prefabricated house or buildings are not new and have been around for centuries. The prefab buildings are widely used all over the world for both residential and commercial buildings. Moreover, these structures come is various shapes and sizes ranging from the elaborate to the sophisticated. If you are new to the world of prefab houses and are curious about these structures, then we at Afripanels have brought to you a few interesting facts about prefab houses or buildings below:

Prefab Houses are not a New Concept

Prefabricated materials and processes have been in use since ancient times, in fact, the Romans used prefabricated elements for building their forts quickly during AD 43 when they conquered Britain. The earliest documented prefab building is the “NonsuchHouse” which was constructed in the Netherlands and then shipped to London after being taken apart, where it was completed in the year 1579. Also, there is evidence that prefab houses were sent to British colonies including Australia in the early 17th century. Also during the gold rush in Victoria in the 1850s, a number of prefabricated iron buildings were ordered by catalogue to meet the needs of the exploding population. There are many other pieces of evidence that support the fact that prefab houses are not new at all!

Prefab Houses Come in All Shapes and Sizes

Prefab houses can be created almost in every shape and size – from a compactly designed house to a lavish residence. Did you know prefab methods have been used for building some of the tallest and most famous structures around the world that include a 57-storey skyscraper that was erected in China in just 19 days, and the iconic Eiffel Tower that was built in 1889 with prefabricated iron? Whether you want a sleek and modern house or a contemporary beachside home, prefab houses can be built in any style and design.

Prefab Houses can Go Anywhere

Whether you are planning to build a house in a remote location or a well-known place, a prefabricated house is your best solution. Moreover, it will save money on the accommodation costs of your construction team as only a fraction of the time on-site will be utilized for preparing and installation. These buildings are suitable for almost all locations i.e. from suburban lots to country blocks.

Prefab houses Help in Minimizing Environmental Footprint

Prefab houses are first built off-site and then get transported to the site and installed, which means that your on-site team will only have access to your land for just a few weeks which implies that there will be less site disruption. Moreover, as builders have to spend only on-site for a short period of time, the noise pollution is minimal. Besides that waste is also minimized making it a complete environment-friendly construction.

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