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Prefab buildings are pretty close to the modular building procedure. But the prefab steel structure building is a little different from the modular building procedure. 

In a modular structure, the building is made from diverse parts called modules inside the factory. These modules are combined shapes & structures, much like a jigsaw puzzle, which can create a whole, functional structure. A module can constitute one half of a room & must be connected to the other half, or it can be a whole room and can be attached to other rooms to create a house or building. 

However, the prefabricated structure is not the same. In prefab steel structures, plans are made by precisely reading the site and designing the building to be constructed. 

Then the building design is decomposed into more than one parts, and the skeleton structures of the building is designed individually to build steel parts & beams for development. Then, all building materials & steel structure materials are made in-house. Parts smaller than the module will be transported to the building site. Then many smaller steel beams & angles are used to assemble the parts on site to create a large structure. 

What are the top benefits of prefab steel structures?

Customization & durability: The use of structural steel gives the luxury to customize the structure as the way customers want. Thus, complicated designs can be made of steels in the factory, and can be assembled on the construction site, and have the appearance that the user wants. Prefab steel structures can be employed to build event centers, warehouses, and city halls as per consumers’ need. 

Environment-friendly & sustainable: Steel has always been a recyclable material. It’s more biodegradable than most plastics. Thus, even if you don’t recycle, the majority of demolished buildings will be accepted by the earth. After your building is vacated or no more required, steel can be used again for the construction of other things. Prefab steel structures are also a more sustainable option for conventional concrete or wood structures. 

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