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Prefabricated houses are the buildings manufactured off-site in standard sections, it can be carried and assembled. These houses hold great advantages which include low cost, quick construction process, easy to transport, energy-efficient, less labor cost, flexible to use, durable. So, for a less expensive building, you can go for the prefab houses. If you have been looking for a prefabricated house then look for the one which is strong and reliable. For this, Afripanel is the one-stop solution. 


Afripanel welcomes you. 

Now, with Afripanel you can have a simple and easy prefab house. You have arrived at the right place for high-quality prefabricated houses. Afripanel being the leading manufacturer and supplier supplies commendable prefab houses. We guarantee you a first-class customized prefab house. 

Afripanel is an experienced company. Years of experience gained has made us aware of the needs and requirements of the market. We understand what customers expect from us. Prefab houses can be manufactured in different styles and sizes depending upon the customer’s requirements. Afripanel can customize your needs into a prefab house you require. Our team is expertise in prefabricated house manufacturing, hence, be sure of receiving the exact modular prefabricated building you have ordered. Moreover, only the best quality of house will be delivered.

Afripanel – The leading dealer of Prefab Houses: We stand as a reliable option to opt for high-quality, strong, customized, and reliable prefab buildings. Our team customizes your order to quick, good-looking, and efficient construction buildings.

Afripanel is the most reliable solution to have for a quality prefab building. 

The buildings are manufactured at our factory in Kempton Park, Gauteng, South Africa.

Afripanel manufactures prefabricated buildings schools, offices, clinics, mining campuses, low-cost housing sectors, or accommodation units. Whatever your requirements are just let us know and we will customize your requirements to deliver the same prefab house you need to have. Afripanel carefully manufacturers every part for prefab building, ensuring customers satisfaction. For us, the quality of products matters the most. We strive to manufacture the best of the best product for our customers. 

The prefab houses we manufacture are made from eco-friendly and quality materials. We keep in mind the importance of a safe and high-quality prefab building therefore, our team manufactures the best environment-friendly customized prefabricated houses.

With quality products, Afripanel has quality services as well. We will deliver your product in the best safe way. They are supplied in the kit. The buildings are flat packed, it will be assembled on site. 

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Afripanels is now offering grid solutions. The grid solutions are water collection and storage, building structure and finishes, solar power, electrical, solar water heating, gas water heating, and civil works. We are the perfect company for a wide range of solutions. You can even find standard building designs and custom buildings from Afripanel, these are customized. 

To know more about the prefabricated house manufactured you can give us a call. We are ever ready to answer your queries.

Do not wait for more, reach out to us today itself and place your order for the best quality tailored prefab house.

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