The prefab houses from reputed manufacturers make it possible to have an affordable and quick-install solution to housing problems.

The prefabricated houses, prominently known as prefab houses are sorts of houses made off-site, ahead of time, in factories which are then transported and erected. The house is worked in a processing plant-like setting inside, after which the last items are transported to the areas where they are gathered by the constructor. From us, at AFRIPANELS you can have the best of such prefabricated houses, which will offer you innovative design, quick installation, and energy efficiency at an affordable price.


The ease that you can have

The first and foremost ease that you can have using our prefabricated houses is that there would not be any delay in construction due to bad weather or any other nature of climatic hazards. There are other benefits too that you can have to have the affordable prefab houses that you can have from us.

Customized design: Our factory manufactures prefabricated houses, designs, and does turnkey building solutions. Our products and solutions are tailored for quick and efficient construction and aesthetically good-looking buildings. It is for sure that the houses would be according to your taste and affordability.

Energy-efficiency: All prefabricated houses are energy-efficient, supplied in a kit form, and mostly flat packed and assembled on site. The energy efficiency that you will have by having our prefab houses will help you to save a considerable amount of money.


Reduced cost of construction: Another favorable advantage is cost reduction. Building prefabricated houses is more affordable than building the customary on-location home. The funds come because of decreased work as a couple of laborers on location naturally implies saving money on development costs. Decreased development time likewise goes along the path of cutting on the development financing.

Full grid solution: Having prefabricated houses from us you can expect to have a full grid solution. We also offer a full off-grid solution. That includes civil works; building structure and finishes, plumbing, electrical, water collection and storage, Solar power, solar water heating, and Gas water heating are all available. Standard buildings designs are available as well as custom buildings to suit your specific taste.

So, do contact us at AFRIPANELS dialing +27 (0) 11 979 1885 when you desire to have the best of prefabricated houses which meet all your demands well within your budget.