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Make your prefab house requirements met by the well-known manufacturer and supplier. Afripanel supplies the best quality of prefabricated buildings. We are happy to have you. End your search for tge reliable prefab building supplier as you already reached the right place. Afripanel is a very reliable manufacturer and supplier of various types of prefab houses.

Our prefab house services are tailored based on client’s need. Moreover, we have always been successful in gaining the trust of ohr clients with the highest-quality of service. Our team of professionals manufactures exact prefab houses based on client’s orders. We can assure you a strong and reliable prefab building that too at very reasonable price. Your satisfaction is our priority. Afripanel strives to make every requirement of client’s meet professionally.


Afripanel is a cost-effective solution to prefabricated houses. No matter for what purpose you need a prefab building, we can manufacture the exact type you want. Moreover, we are always available to take your queries. You can reach out to Afripanel anytime with regard to the prefabricated houses. Get ready to receive top-quality of prefab building.

We can manufacture the prefabricated houses for mining camps, schools, clinics, accommodation units, offices, etc. For every purpose our prefab houses will be the best to have, with its unmatched quality it stands out in crowd. Our quality services have always exceeded client’s. expectations. The prefab houses of Afripanels are supplied mostly as flat packed which is assembled on site.

Our prefab buildings are not only strong but also very good looking. We vow you a perfect prefab house to you.


Afripanel has solutions for your schools, offices, mining camps and low-cost housing requirements. The prefab buildings of Afripanel at our factory in Kempton Park, Gauteng, South Africa.

Be assured of perfect buildings. We will deliver your building on time and in right condition. We pack them in the form of kit which is then assembled on the job site.

Need grid solutions? We have now been serving grid solutions as well, which are water collection and storage, building structure and finishes, solar water heating, solar power, electrical, gas water heating, and civil works.

Afripanel will manufacture as per your needs. Just letting us know your requirements can deliver you the right product. Trust us, we will offer you the best of the best solutions.

Prefab houses are gaining popularity for many reasons. Prefabricated buildings save construction time, is eco-friendly, they are energy-efficient, and is also very cost-effective. If you are looking for the strong, durable, and quality prefab buildings, Afripanel is the one-stop solution.


Afripanel will customize you a prefab building based on your needs. Reach out to us today, we will discuss your needs to tailor your prefab house.

In case of any queries, get in touch with us today.

The best prefab building – from Afripanel!