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Find the commendable quality of a prefabricated house as per your requirements here at Afripanel. Welcome to the well-known manufacturer and supplier of customizable prefabricated houses. Now, do not worry about getting the best prefab house as Afripanel has got you covered.

Afripanel will be delivering you the first-class prefabricated house you can rely upon. Our objective is to offer you products that meet all your needs and expectations. When it comes to buying the best prefab home, we are the ones that people trust the most. Choosing us will help you to have a top-quality prefabricated house, tailored to your request. Afripanel is all ready to get you the unmatched quality of the house.


Afripanel is manufacturing innovative modular prefab houses for a very long time and is now very expertise in prefab house manufacturing. Your need for a prefab house will be fulfilled by the very known prefab house manufacturer, ‘Afripanel’. Why worry when you have Afripanel to help you with prefab house as per your requirements. You have arrived at the right place. Afripanel has a skilled team who are very experienced in prefab house manufacturing. Afripanel will take care of everything, from manufacturing as per your request to delivering the product rightly. Afripanel manufactures modular houses for various types of applications. Hence, whatever be your requirement, just let us know we will manufacture the house as per your exact requirements. Afripanel is with you. We are aware of different types of prefab houses so do not worry we can manufacture prefab houses for any application.

Get a perfect prefab house at cost-effective prices. We are here to offer you a tailor-made prefab house that you can easily rely upon without a doubt. Our products are trustable, they will stand to all your expectations. Afripanel will never disappoint you. We are determined to deliver first-class service and first-class products to customers. For a quality prefab house choose no other than us. We promise you the best of the best product at the best price.


Commendable Prefabricated House by Afripanel: Our prefab houses are available for schools, offices, accommodations, mining camps, the low-cost housing sector, and clinics. Afripanel manufactures customized prefabricated homes, at the customer’s request. Moreover, the grid solutions we offer include building structure and finishes, solar power, solar water heating, gas water heating, civil works, plumbing, electrical, water collection, and storage are available here at Afripanel. We manufacture as per the client’s request, ensuring it suits the client’s particular requirements.

Why Afripanel’s Prefabricated Houses?

  • Our prefabricated houses are very energy-efficient.
  • They serve their purpose very effectively.
  • They are customized as per the client’s request.
  • Looks good.
  • The prefabricated houses of Afripanel are delivered in kit form or flat packed form.


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