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Wood, cement, and steel are on the whole normal materials utilized in building structures, and one can argue about the advantages one can have using those.

Steel structures is a construction technique where there is the use of steel segments and shafts to make floors, rooftops, cladding, interior fixtures, and finishing. Let us see why constructors and designers prefer to use steel.



Steel has a higher density compared to wood or concrete which intends that for similar aspects, steel will be heavier. Nonetheless, a length of 50mm x 100mm steel can carry more burden than a similar length of 50mm x 100mm wood. Practically speaking, this implies that less steel is important to give a similar measure of help.

The outcomes of this diminishing in material use are decreased material delivery costs, decreased work and simplified plan of establishments and other underlying scaffolding.

Life span

Steel can endure longer than wood or concrete, expecting that every one of the three is appropriately maintained.


To protect the steel, reputed fabricators in South Africa apply a prime coat and final coat to make it fireproof and water-safe. The heatproof material keeps the steel from losing its solidarity and uprightness in a fire-related accident while the water-safe material forestalls rusting.


Steel structures can have manufacture into various shapes while as yet keeping up with their strength. The utilization of steel takes into account imaginative and creative plans. Designers and different fabricators utilize this capability to make tastefully satisfying structures as well as sound.

It is likewise simple to future-proof steel outlines since they are more helpful for primary expansion or adjustment, like remodels or extending the size of a current structure.


The utilization of computer designing before manufacture lessens the amount of material wastage.

Any scrap can have reuse in different undertakings. Steel is perpetually recyclable because it does not lose any innate properties, for example, strength when broken down and recast.


The rigidity of steel structures permits them to perform well even when introduced to natural occurrences, for example, storms, earthquakes and heavy snowfall. These occurrences become more hazardous as the construction becomes higher. Steel additionally performs better in man-made crises like blasts.

Quicker assemble

Computer-assisted assembling of normalized bolted associations and repetitive floor plates make assemble quicker.


Reputed fabricators per-assemble steel structures to fit specific requirements before shipping those to the building site. After they reach the site, they are ready for assembling by bolting or welding the pieces together, dissimilar to in-situ concrete, where it is important to trust that a part will fix before proceeding with further construction.


Since such structures have off-site fabrication, site work can be diminished by 10%-20%. Fewer laborers likewise mean fewer mishaps.

More limited constructional times bring about less financing costs, fewer interest installments, and implies that the use of structure can be quick.

Space expansion

By being stronger, bay with steel casings can be dispersed more separated, which likewise makes more extensive bays. The more extensive accessible space takes into account more adaptable floor plans that can boost the accessible space.

Steel structures from Afripanel have these different advantages. They can help in construction in any climate and are effectively versatile to abrupt plan changes. They can likewise be simpler to maintain. Reach them at +27 (0) 11 979 1885 to discuss your requirements and place your order.