Are prefabricated houses really more eco-friendly than traditional homes? Is a prefabricated house right for you? Do these questions and alike make you curious about prefabricated houses? Then the following facts about the prefabricated houses will clear all your doubts about these alternative buildings. Have a look:

Prefabricated House is Not a New Thing!

Although prefabs became popular in this decade, these houses have been there since at least 1908, when Sears began selling kit houses.  He shipped out the components of the home and plans to the homeowners via rail to build the houses on site.


Prefabricated Homes are of Two Types

You can find two different types of prefabricated houses i.e. flat pack and modular. While modular houses are built completely in a factory and shipped with windows, doors, and interior finishes which are fitted onto a foundation at the building site, in the case of flat pack houses all of the necessary pieces are made and shipped unassembled to the site.

Prefabricated Houses can be Custom Designed

Depending on your choice you can decide the design of your prefabricated house. Isn’t that a great advantage of it over the traditional homes! The prefabs can be custom designed according to the existing site conditions such as views, trees, and sun orientation.

Get Relief from the Decision Making Pressure

Flat-pack homes are more flexible than modular homes, however, too much flexibility is not a benefit always! It can overwhelm the home owners with the number of options available. With prefabs there is a limit to the choices which makes it easier for the homeowners to decide the design they desire, making them feel relieved from the pressure to make the right decision!

Prefabricated Houses are Quicker to Build

A prefabricated house takes about half the time that a traditional home takes! As prefabricated houses are partially assembled in a factory offsite which means you will save a good amount of time off the schedule. Prefabricated houses are especially quicker as they arrive on-site fully finished on trucks. Flat-pack homes are relatively quicker to construct as all the measuring and cutting are done in advance.

A Prefabricated House Costs Less

Often prefabs cost less than building a traditional house. However, that isn’t true always! Depending on various factors the price of a prefab can also go a bit higher.

Building a prefabricated house is more eco friendly

Prefabricated houses are more eco-friendly than traditional buildings in various aspects. As these houses are made in a factory the disruption to the site and the surrounding areas are far less disrupted. Prefab factories create lesser waste than the typical construction site and usually, the extra materials get reused in future projects. Many prefab design companies even use recycled and renewable materials which help in conserving energy.


Hopefully, these facts will help you know whether a prefabricated house is right for you or not!


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