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Are you overwhelmed with what to do before building a new house, as some homeowners do? You are probably thinking of going the prefabricated route. It is a logical decision as so many benefits leverage it. Prefabricated homes are an essential part of the South African housing market. There are many advantages to building a house in a factory. You must realize it’s more time-saving and money-saving than a similar-sized site-built home. It makes quality housing more affordable for thousands of homeowners in South Africa. Let’s discuss how prefab buildings will affect the way you make decisions about your home. 


Construction of comparable-sized prefabricated homes can be done for 50% less than site-built buildings. These homes are built in a centralized, controlled indoor environment. The prefab house factories purchase materials in bulk. They receive deep discounts, which are typically passed on to the buyer. 

The weather-related delays and construction in the rain, snow, or wind are not issues with prefab houses. It is not vulnerable to delivery issues, material theft, weather damage to building supplies, and subcontractor delays as it happens in onsite construction projects. 

The labor cost is around 8 to 12 percent of the total house construction cost in a prefab house. The labor cost of a site-built home goes to 40 to 60 percent of the project cost. The savings on labor can be significant, particularly in urban areas where labor is expensive and scarce.

You can eliminate the waste disposal costs if you go with prefab houses. There is less wastage and the waste is disposed of & recycled in the plant. Most of them are disposed of in the plant itself. The materials used in the process are highly recyclable and vital when striving for sustainability.


One of the most energy-efficient and environmentally friendly construction methods is prefabricated construction. It is often the case that traditional construction methods call for extra materials, which drastically increases wastage. When compared with conventional construction, prefab construction reduces the weight by almost 70%, resulting in fewer foundations, fewer waste disposals, and fewer redeployment costs.

Prefab buildings have a modern and aesthetic look, making these homes popular, especially among young people. Also, they provide you with various choices in terms of colors, style, design, decor, and other customization, as per individual needs. They are used to meet your specifications and customize the thing. The fabricators and builders make optimum use of the space and make every inch of room for you!

The machinery, tools, and advanced technology used in the factory speed construction. It is also detailed down to exact specifications. Hence reducing excess material in the process. You are not limited to what is available.

Prefab homes have shorter production cycles. Site-built home usually takes three to six months from start to finish. Prefab buildings can take a month or less. However, it depends on the complexity of the project. Shorter production cycles mean savings on construction costs & interest! It lets the buyer get their new home faster.


Quality control of prefab homes is superior because they are produced in one place by professionals who build houses daily. The specialist employees do the same tasks every day. Apart from that, they are supervised by skilled trades persons and a quality control team for better accuracy.

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