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You might have seen many staying at prefabricated houses and wondered why they have shifted to staying at such houses instead of normal brick-and-mortar houses. If you think you will be able to understand that are few advantages possible to have to stay at such houses. Let us have a look at some of those advantages.

Cost savings 

The cost of constructing a prefabricated house is 50% less than the cost of a brick-mortar house. The construction of such houses is more efficient as it happens in a centralized and controlled environment. There will be no delay in construction due to weather conditions. Moreover, there would not be any delay due to subcontractors, damage of building items, theft, vandalism or problems in delivery. However, these aspects have their effect on brick-mortar houses and tend to increase the cost.


Factories in South Africa manufacturing prefabricated houses offer discounts which further lowers the cost of such houses.

Lesser waste 

It is possible to eliminate the cost of construction waste disposal when you choose to have prefabricated houses. In the construction of such houses, waste disposal happens at the factory and they have the ability to recycle most of the waste material.  

There will not be any waste of time and cost which may happen due to the replacement of defective materials. The factories manufacturing such houses have a bulk supply of the best materials and the construction happens in climate-controlled buildings leading to lesser wastage.

Less time to construct 

Production cycles for per-assembled homes are more limited. A site-constructed home normally requires over 90 days from beginning to end. Site work, construction, and set-up of a prefabricated home can require a month or less. This relies upon the intricacy of the multi-section units.

More limited production cycles can mean savings on development loan interest, in addition to it gets you into your new home quicker.

Quality control 

Quality control of prefabricated homes is unrivaled because the production happens in an environment-controlled setting by experts who construct such houses regularly. These workers have professional training; they rehash similar works day to day, are supervised by gifted trades persons, having the best of training.


The apparatus, devices, and innovation utilized in the manufacturing plant are cutting-edge. This speeds development and results in more prominent precision. There is the use of templates, computers and other modern innovations to guarantee almost amazing cuts and joints.


While constructing prefabricated homes, factories maintain all safety standards. They also maintain all safety standards while erecting the house. So, it is not unsafe to stay in a prefabricated house. It can be said that staying at such a prefabricated home is safer than in a brick-and-mortar house. 

These are some of the advantages that you can enjoy if you stay at such a prefabricated home. So, it is an ideal time to contact AFRIPANEL to order your prefabricated house. They have the expertise and knowledge to manufacture such houses efficiently. Call them at +27 (0) 11 979 1885 to discuss your requirements.