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Construction sector in South Africa, these days is thriving with demand of durable structures made up of steel in form of prefab buildings. Compared to any traditional brick and mortar houses in South Africa, most of the people are seeking for construction of prefab buildings made up of steel. Construction of steel prefab buildings is done in climate controlled factory setting with all safety measures and careful inspection, which is considered to be the main reason of being most demanded.


Popularity of steel prefab buildings in South Africa:

  • Education Sector- Schools and day care units
  • Health care industry- Hospitals and clinics.
  • Housing Sector- Park homes and residential houses.
  • Hospitality and Retail Industry- Luxury hotels, banks and offices.

Some few more reasons for choosing steel prefab buildings:

Low Cost and Fast Construction Process:

In terms of predictability and accuracy, construction process of steel prefab buildings will prove to be value for money compared to building concrete frames. Without any disrupting elements of like weather or material, steel prefab buildings are manufactured and are ready for speedy erection. This proves to be time and money saving construction process to get a desired building within a scheduled period of time.

Quality and Durability:

Being highly demanded by most people in South Africa, steel prefab buildings can be seen included in most high quality construction projects. Most shopping centers and some commercial development projects or establishments have found steel prefab buildings as one of the best sustainable solution. One can be assured of durability and strength of steel prefab buildings, which do not easily get damaged or decay compared conventionally built buildings with any regular construction material.

Less Maintenance and Environment Friendly:

Steel prefab buildings require low maintenance and refurbishment as well as prove to be flexible in suitably accommodating future changes or extensions. Any kind of renovations or extensions can be made in a convenient way with steel prefab buildings, which offers effective execution with minimal disruption and cost. Being constructed with highly insulated prefab steel segments, the steel prefab buildings are considered capable in providing best energy efficient benefits.


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Safe Establishments:

Pre-fabricated steel panels can be rapidly assembled on-site by skilled professionals ensures of getting a well-built and safe establishment. Steel segments of prefab buildings manufactured under strict supervision and in a quality control environment assures a good longevity of steel prefab buildings.

Afripanels manufactures steel structures (https://www.afripanels.co.za/steel-structure-buildings/) or steel prefab buildings, which will prove to be a durable and safe establishment. Whether it is a requirement for residential home, school or offices in South Africa, we will offer you exceptional service in providing the right steel prefab solution. We also specialize in manufacturing wide variety of steel structures such as bull noses, insulated roofs, walls & doors and shutter doors. Give us today a call at +27 (0) 11 979 1885.

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