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There was a time when prefabricated houses were considered as an architectural quick fix for portable classrooms and mobile homes. In this present day scenario, prefabs have gained popularity as sophisticated and bespoke dwellings or luxury spaces. The term prefabrication is used to describe any part of a building that has been fabricated at a place other than its final location. Prefabricated home goes through a modular construction that includes off-site construction or off-site fabrication. This helps in getting a well designed luxurious living space with significantly reduced turnaround times and cost saving. Construction or prefabrication process not only helps in cutting down expenses, risk and waste but also reduces carbon footprints.

Let us explore some of the interesting facts about prefabrication process to achieve smart & sustainable prefabricated homes or houses:


In terms of speed prefabricated homes or houses undergoes a fast construction process. The fabrication or construction process takes place in a factory setting that reduces waiting time. Once out of the factory, prefabricated house panels are quick to install that can also significantly reduce an overall construction period.

Ecological or Environmental Sustainability:

By opting for prefabricated homes, you will experience minimal site disturbance with managed material flow and construction waste. The process of building prefabricated home will help you in reducing the environmental impact of construction and also minimizes the disruption to neighbors.

luxurious living room designs

Affordable Option:

With assurance of faster turnover time, lower site overheads and less time spent on the building site, prefabrication process is an affordable option. Greater cost certainty and fewer weather delays potentially make developments in form of prefabricated homes or houses more affordable.

Wide Range of Design Versatility:

Factory manufactured prefabricated elements or components are transported and assembled on site, which proves to be versatile. These prefabricated components can be incorporated or assembled into single-dwelling homes, apartment buildings, offices or schools.

Modern Home In Interior Living Room

High Level of Cleanliness and Safety:

With prefabrication process, you will enjoy cleaner on site with less mess and waste. At any construction site, health and safety is important, which can be found in a prefabrication process. In a factory control setting, the structural components of prefab homes are constructed and then easily assembled in a quieter, cleaner and safer standard construction.

To enjoy economical, environmental and design benefits, you can consider well built prefab buildings by Afripanels. We are proud to be recognized as one of the leading and most reliable manufacturers of prefabricated homes or houses in South Africa. As per your requirement, we will build up a high end prefabricated dwelling.

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