Nowadays steel structures are used in a great number of applications and in almost every industry. Most engineers and building companies consider steel over other construction materials available because of their benefits. 

However, structural steel sections are used for buildings, bridges, industrial structures, etc. There are so many reasons why considering steel structures for building constructions makes really sense:

Less Impact on Environment –

Steel is considered as one of the most sustainable materials available for construction purposes. It is able to be recycled again and again without losing its quality. This makes steel truly compatible with long term sustainable development. 

Sturdiness and Ductility –

Steel is an inherent ductile material and responds to overload in a controlled way. This material manages load retention effortlessly. The shape and size of the steel can be configured to deliver ultimate level of structural sturdiness that’s second to none. It can’t be achieved with other more brittle construction materials. 

Efficient Construction Process –

Steel sections are usually fabricated in steel product factory and can be manufactured in mass numbers. This means, the steel sections are fabricated off-site and ready to be utilized on-site. This helps in saving you time and increasing efficiency to get the construction project done. 

Eco-Friendly –

Steel is an eco-friendly alternative in the construction industry. As discussed above, steel is recyclable. Steel can be recycled or reused in other applications. 

Durability –

Thanks to its high strength, steel structures are considered as extremely durable in the construction industry. It will withstand harsh weather conditions like the hot African sun and thunderstorms. It won’t warp, crack or break for many years.

Design Flexibility –

An amazing reason behind steel structure is that it’s very flexible. It can be shaped and molded without changing its strength and properties. This makes steel a perfect choice for custom structure designs with more intricate features than standard structures. 

Final Consideration –

At Afripanel, we have highly qualified and experienced engineers specializing in factory designing and manufacturing feasible steel structures best suiting every demand. All of our steel structures are prefabricated, prime and finely coated before the construction. 

We specifically focus on delivering superior quality and structural strength and strive to provide a comprehensive range of products – from smallest to the largest perfectly-engineered steel structure designs. When you invest in our prefab steel structure buildings, you’re guaranteed with affordability, lower maintenance, energy efficiency, flexibility, and quality products. 

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