Hello, are you looking for a modular home to build? If so, then relax as you have arrived at the leading manufacturer. Here, you will receive the best modular prefabricated buildings.

Afripanels welcomes you. Afripanels is the best place to get customizable prefabricated buildings. We have been manufacturing modular houses for years and are well experienced with the manufacturing of different types of modular prefabricated buildings. You will find the exact modular prefabricated building you have ordered. We provide modular houses tailored to client’s requirements.

Modular Houses from Afripanels: Afripanels manufactures modular houses. Products of our factory are tailored to quick, good-looking, and efficient construction buildings. You can rely on the products and solutions of our factory. Afripanel is well-known for the excellent modular prefabricated buildings manufactured based on customizable requirements.

The buildings are manufactured at our factory in Kempton Park, Gauteng, South Africa.

If you want modular house for offices, schools, clinics, mining campuses, low-cost housing sectors, or accommodation units, then our products are your perfect solutions.Let us know your requirements and we will manufacture and deliver amazing modular prefabricated buildings for you.

Why Modular buildings are gaining popularity?

Such buildings can be manufactured in different designs.

They are cost-effective.

It has flexible use.

Modular buildings are created using eco-friendly materials.

They are even durable.

It involves off-site construction.

A modular house saves time.

Labor costs are less in this modular house construction.

The time required for constructing a modular building is fast.

Afripanels guarantees you a perfect modular house that you have customized as per your needs.

Afripanels offers grid solutions which include building structure and finishes, water collection and storage, solar power, electrical, solar water heating, gas water heating, and civil works are all available here at Afripanels. We even offer standard building designs and custom buildings tailored as per the client’s tastes and needs. Be assured that you will be receiving the best modular house.

How will you receive our products? Our products are supplied in kit. The buildings are flat packed and are assembled on site.

For any queries feel free to contact us. We will be answering all the queries you have for the modular buildings. Afripanel will immediately respond to you.

So, why wait? Reach out to us and let us know about your modular building requirements in detail so that we can manufacture a perfect customized modular house that fits your purpose and needs.

A great modular house with Afripanels, the leading manufacturer of modular prefabricated buildings!